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Blanck Mass - No Lite (Genesis P. Orridge DREAMACHINE Remix) 12"

Rubin Farr

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  • 4 weeks later...

there's a sample up on Phonica's site and it actually isn't that terrible.




Not that terrible? It's REALLY fucking good. Thanks for posting... The whole track is up here on Soundcloud:



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New (digital only?) EP includes the Genesis P. Orridge remix, a new 3 part track and a couple of other remixes.


Bookman says...

"Addendum to 'Dumb Flesh', Black Mass wrings out the tortuous 18 minutes of 'The Great Confuso (Parts I, II, and III)' along with mixes of album tracks by Genesis P-Orridge, Konx-Om-Pax and Dalhous.

The titular centrepiece nods to MBM, PTV, Bee Mask and black metal over its expansive course, but much better are the darkroom grind of P-Orridge's Dreammachine remix for 'No Lite', and the TCF-alike take on 'Detritus' from Konx-Om-Pax."


Info in Boomkat

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