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Autechre at the Showbox, Seattle


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It still sounds like the garbage you get when you try to capture an incredibly loud, bass-heavy set through an iphone, but this recording definitely came out better than the Portland one I posted the other day. Wasn't super jazzed about uploading after some of the dickish comments the other thread got but always glad to help out the fellow lurkers. Hopefully a better recording will show up from the tour at some point; I'll make sure to get a little Tascam before the next one I make it to. Feel free to tell me what I shit job I did in the meantime, though.


The show itself: as someone in the main tour thread mentioned, this was definitely the best of the first three shows. Holocene's sound was much more dialed in than the Showbox's, but the lads played a super aggressive set that had a lot more ecstatic moments than the previous two. The whole thing felt like an hour-long seizure. My friends and I up front all separately had the feeling of having bodily hallucinations - being stretched out, inched along like a worm through a dizzying mess of thundering, pummeling lows and shredding, shrieking highs. You'll have to use your imagination, but hopefully you can hear a bit of that in here...






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Thank you very much for putting this up.

I agree about the emotional effect of the show; I felt disturbed in a profound way that is going to stay with me. I wouldn't even have called it aggressive, it was like gazing into the abyss or watching a star go supernova in fast motion. Mass destruction. It was alienating, terrifying, sad, painful, hypnotic, and completely satisfying and fucking gorgeous. It was like they had burrowed through my ears directly into my soul and taken complete control. I was utterly exhausted by it. They did things with sound I didn't know were possible.

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