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Vagon Brei - The pleasure of finding things out (Photic Fields)


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On previous full-length outings, Vagon Brei has successfully joined the dots between bombastic acid house, Drexcitan electro, atmospheric techno, shimmering IDM and becalmed ambience. On this ultra limited-edition full length for Dutch imprint Photic Fields, the Spanish producer concentrates more on the melodious side of his output. The Pleasure of Finding Things Out is, without doubt, his most positive and ear-pleasing set to date, sitting somewhere between the sprightly electro-meets-IDM of Vector Lovers, classic '90s ambient - think Spacetime Continuum or early Irresistible Force - and rolling, Italo-influenced chuggers (the skittish beats, throbbing synthesizers and sparkling melodies of "Feynman Theme"). While the whole album sparkles, it's the ambient moments - particularly the melancholic "Challenger Disaster" - that hit home hardest.






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