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Zunk Gelles

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Can see what you're trying to do and think that you'll get where you want to go if you keep making tunes, keep learning etc. Look to use some/more reverb on your synth/bass lines. Random but I thought your hi hats were really nice around 45 second mark.

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thanks for the thoughts! I would use reverb, but the specific software i was using for that, bosca ceoil, has no reverb feature, only a low-pass filter. IMO, bosca ceoil is the most intuitive sequencing program to start using because it's very simple and straightforward, but the simplicity is both the best and worst thing about it. After using sunvox for a while to fool around with sounds without the sequencer, I recently figured out how to add diferent patterns, not as nice-looking and fun to use, but definitely more flexibility.

also random: Your thumbnail is reflecting my own feelings a lot right now :P

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