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    • By fxbip
    • By fxbip
      Most of Squarepusher discography now on Bandcamp!
    • By cooliofranco
      I put out an EP for Bandcamp friday. It's mostly analog techno in Detroit / Berlin style. Sounds like IDM versions of Belleville Three I think, also Binh, Gene on Earth, Evan Baggs, Omar S, those kinds of folks 🙂
      Here are some codes to get it started 
    • By dcom
      They finally have it. If you're into electro, this is excellent. Some of the vinyl releases are getting very expensive. No LTD sublabel releases as of yet.
    • By Rubin Farr
      Some fan remixes of the “On” era tracks:
      https://afxtribute.bandcamp.com/album/moving-on?utm_campaign=afxtribute album moving-on&utm_content=fanpub_fnb&utm_source=album_release&utm_medium=email

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