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Industrial Techno thread


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Anyone else really into unrelenting hard techno? I still love melodic IDM just as much, but lately I've been inspired by tracks where melody is an afterthought or discarded outright. Texture and rhythm have taken its place. This stuff sounds amazing in a club, provided you remembered your earplugs!

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xanopticon/dimentia collab project



might be on the more acid/melodic end than what you're looking for but abandon footwear is also very industrialy at times. this one below is an all live hardware set, they haven't released any studio material yet afaik


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love that first British murder boys 12" rule by law/learn your lesson. that cd comp with the live in tokyo dvd that downwards put out earlier is essential. was going to recommend some tracks, but this one youtube channel seems to have everything that I was going to post. So I highly recommend this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/0AntN/

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