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Industrial Techno thread


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These are kinda in that slippery edge between Industrial Techno and Dark / Hard Techno but judging from the previous recommendations, they fit here just fine :)



Goddamn from 2:20 onwards...yum yum


...and while we're in the right mood (I so love this one even though it's basically 7+ minutes the same thing):



Last a modern classic which everyone knows but in case someone doesn't, enjoy




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On my never ending journey of finding some blend of techno and banging and screeching scrap metal I've come across these. Will put in spoilers since this haul is biggish, but this is basically what you'll get (found it through Royal Subsonic Consortium mix, so credit where it's due):




(^Sorry couldn't get that embedded)

And some Hague Panzerkreuz freak shit


And freakin' Sparkwave. Can't toot this guy enough. Also, nowadays Aphex approved.


Sorry again for huge ass post, hopefully you'll find something interesting there though ?

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Ooh, a(nother) topic I could go on about. Here's a sampler of some of my favourites.

Metempsychosis, great label with artists like Flaminia, Tapefeed, End Train etc.


Michal Jablonski.



Scalameriya, Tommy Four Seven, others on T47's label:


Militiā and others on Abyss.

Paula Temple.



That should get you started.

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^47 is dope. Carrier's Blue Nine is great. Worth to check out for everyone who went apeshit for the first AQXDM ep. Spotted it from one of Royal Subsonic Consortium mixes and also nabbed this from the most recent mixes (sweet build up):


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