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Halloween Music Suggestions

sTeh B L

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this ep by these two canadian guys called geogaddi is great for halloween, it's full of satanist and occult stuff, it really just gives me the willies.



really tho, i like to play Tino Hallowe'En Dub during like more of a halloween party environment, it's fun for that. if you're looking for more creepy than you can't go wrong with Heresy by Lustmord. i also play alot of horror movie soundtracks, check out some stuff by goblin, particularly the soundtrack to suspiria, you might be into that.


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I've put together an annual Halloween setmix for the last 4 years and they've been getting progressively darker and noisier/heavier... currently working on compiling this years' mix. I have a lot of fun compiling these together, lot's of darker electronic, bit of industrial and a bit of ambient and noise.

Here's last years' mix (tracklist at the link):


and download link:



Here's a download link to the 1st year mix... I can't remember every track on this one:



I need to re-upload volume 2, it was on soundcloud but has been taken down since...


Keep an eye out for this year's mix I'll be posting it soon.

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Sunn O))), Nurse With Wound, John Watermann. I believe that's all you need. Maybe some Lustmord if you really want to get into it.


Edit: I just looked at the things other people are posting, and I'm quite disappointed. Is this thread ironic?

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John Carpenter


Demdike Stare


The Haxan Cloak

The Stranger (Leyland Kirby)

Ben Frost

Cut Hands




Sunn O)))


New Risen Throne


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Have you ever listened to Selected Ambient Works, Vol. II?



Yeah there's plenty examples SAW II that but I always thought this was a unnerving track that isn't straight up dark ambient soundscape stuff, like this...


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