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download link: https://intergalacticfm.com/content/audio.php?a=i&i=4576&v=o


A new and ancient radioshow aimed at connecting inhabitants of the dreamspace towards their lucid nature and beyond. Connecting listeners and participants to the dreamer, this show combines musical rapture and variety with educational insight and technique designed to train and school everyOne into lucidity and friendship with themselves and their dreams. Presented on IFM 4 The Dream machine around the Full Moons experienced on mother Earth.

The 1st Dream presented entails little on the educational content, and more a celebratory feast of sound aimed at providing laughter, smiles and fun.
One is thoroughly encouraged to dance and work on the balance as the Dream unfolds, a strong sense of balance leads to a more frequent occurrence of Lucidity, it was
" proposed that frequent lucid dreamers represent a subset of people whose vestibular systems is subject to intense activation during sleep and whose dream mentation reflects this activation.
(Vestibular system is responsible for balance and spatial awareness)
http://cornerstone.lib.mnsu.edu/psyc_fac_pubs/209/ (1986, Jayne Gackenbach, University of Northern Iowa)

This shouldn’t surprise us to then notice that perhaps some of most lucid (arguably of all) our ancestors (the aborigines) classic meditative stance involved training the Vestibular system to quite a degree ( http://internt.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/art-nature-imaging/collections/first-fleet/art-collection/image.dsml?imageref=NHM-UK_L_a350484_048_M_1.jpg&width=300 )
more information on the mythology of the dream time ( http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/australian-aborigine-dream-beliefs/ )

dreamspace.media thoroughly recommends sourcing a copy of " Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime by Robert Lawlor" for a far more comprehensive and in depth study into Aboriginal culture and mythology.

Next full moon date: 27th October Tuesday, time incoming.

Keep a journal and dream lucidly ;)!


tracklisting as follows
Dream 1 (introduction):
MODULART2 [tubeRezswirl2] - AFX [user48736353001, 2015]
Thread Leads To heaven - Susumu Yokota [Leaf, 2002]
Cara Stacey - Sunbird [Kit Records, 2015]
Fred Moth - The Final Door [LE Distribution, 2015]

Telluric DJ mix tracklist:
Time Zones - OMD (Virgin, 1983)
The Love Of My Own (instrumental) - Joe Louis (Target Records, 1986)
Odyssey Love - Melodious Myles & Bo (VH, 1986)
Set Me Free (Radio Remix) - Joe R Lewis (Target Records, 1988)
Delta House - House Master Baldwin (feat. Bud Lator) (Kool Kat, 1988)
Sending All My Love Out - Emerson (L.A.S. Records Co., 1988)
An English ’93 - International Music System (IMS, 1983)
PolyStrktur4 - Telluric (Unreleased, 2006)
APT. 2A - NY House’n Authority (Nu Groove Records, 1989)
Minipops 67[120.2][source field mix] - Aphex Twin (Warp Records, 2014)
Zinking - EOD (Rephlex, 2013)
Untitled 2 - Telluric (Unreleased, 2005)
Classid Two - The Ace Of Clubs (Paperplane, 2007)
Hold It Down - 2 Bad Mice (Moving Shadow, 1991)
Hotel Room Service - Pitbull (RCA, 2009)
Oh Yeah - Yello (Fontana, 1988)
Break It Down - Aux 88 (Direct Beat, 1996)
Egypt, Egypt - The Egyptian Lover (Freak Beat Records, 1984)
The Fizzy Track - EDMX (Skrufix, 2014)
Sublimental - Dj Lhoie (Subject Detroit, 2004)
Hostile Bacteria - L.A.M. (Clone, 2003)
Digital Tsunami - Drexciya (Tresor, 2001)
Untitled 3 - Telluric (Unreleased, 2006)
M-Power - Mayhem (Basement Records, 1993)
Press The Buzzer - Brainkillers / Remarc (Kemet, 1995)
Magnon - Telluric (Unreleased, 2005)

Interval selections:
Sul - Ain’t Been Idle [Meandyou, 2013]
Lory D - grn-HF [Numbers, 2015]
Differ-ent - Differ-Ent(Ity) [Don’t Be Afraid, 2015]
EOD - Utrecht [030303, Utrecht]

Koolmorf Widesen DJ mix tracklist:
Blackout - Moving Ninja (Tectonic, 2007)
First Descent - 214 (Frustrated Funk, 2012)
Ziwzih Ziwzih Oo-Oo-Oo - Delia Derbyshire (BBC, 1968)
Green Beats - Dynamx II (Dynamix II Records, 1994)
Bretagne - Lorn (Brainfeeder, 2010)
X - Danny Scrilla (Cosmic Bridge, 2012)
Golden Elegy - Byetone (Raster-Noton, 2011)
Piano - A Smile for Timbuctu (Self-released, 2011)
Curtains - Randomer (Hemlock Recordings, 2013)
The Inheritors - James Holden (Border Community, 2013)
Purple Mist - EDMX (Power Vacuum, 2013)
Ermafa - Signal (Raster-Noton, 2007)
Biogenesis - Aleksi Perälä (AP Musik, 2014)
Hyatt Park Nights Pt-1 - Jam City (Night Slugs, 2012)
Drugs are right (1999) - Microsmiles (Logistic Records, 2005)
Riot - Underground Resistance (UR, 1991)
No Hook - Randomer (Turbo, 2013)
Tied Up (Acid Mix) - LFO (Warp Records, 1994)
Supraventricular - Pfirter (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2010)
Radar - Jon Convex (Nonplus Records, 2011)
Colonized (Perc Metal Mix) - Paula Temple (R&S Records, 2013)
Diesel - These Hidden Hands (Hidden Hundred, 2013)
Touch This Skin - Trade (Work the Long Nights, 2013)
Cerberus (Koolmorf Edit) - EDMX (Power Vacuum, 2012)
Hard (Koolmorf EDIT) - Syntheme (Planet Mu, 2007)
Codroipo Part I - Koolmorf Widesen (Unreleased from 2012, Upcoming in
Holi-Me-Tangere - Greyhawk (Djax-Up-Beats, 1995)
PS-5 - Koolmorf Widesen (WIl-ru, 2014)
Set-up-707 - Edge of Motion (Djax-Up-Beats, 1992)
Angry Acid - Distal (Tectonic, 2012)
Arterial Acid Part III - Ceephax Acid Crew (Breakin’ Records 1998)
Innattack - Edge of Motion (Djax-Up-Beats, 2005)
Dexedrine Girl - µ-Ziq (Planet Mu, 2007)
The Smokers Rhythm - Rhythm for Reason (Formation Records, 1994)
Fantastix - Machinedrum (Planet Mu, 2011)
Haunted - Voyager (Lucky Spin Recordinds, 1995)
Back to Consciousness (Koolmorf Edit) - Missing (3rd Party, 1994)
Nastyfuckk - Machinedrum (The Index, 2012)
Excruciating Deth Phase (Phase Y) - Machine Girl (Dred Collective,

Meditative finale:
Robert Carlos Lange - Way [umor Rex, 2015]
Skjølbrot - I Am Better Now [Children of Jermyn, 2010]

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A new and ancient radioshow aimed at connecting inhabitants of the dreamspace towards their lucid nature and beyond. Connecting listeners and participants to the dreamer, this show combines musical rapture and variety with educational insight and technique designed to train and school everyOne into lucidity and friendship with themselves and their dreams. Presented on IFM 4 The Dream machine around the Full Moons experienced on mother Earth.

This time joined with Dr Rory Mac Sweeney offering some conversation and insight about the practice of Lucid Dreaming, with a mix after the chat from Tidy Kid.


download link: https://intergalacticfm.com/content/audio.php?a=i&i=4629&v=o




A2 by Krzysztof Oktalski [Colundi, 2015]
Follow Your Shadow by Freeform [skam, 2005]
Sleeping Beauty - Sun Ra And His Arkestra [El Saturn Records, 1979]
Chat with Dr Rory Mac Sweeney
Silence is Golden by The Tremeloes [Epic, 1967]
1st Corvid on The Moon - Julietta and The Jackdaws [N/A, 2015]

Tidy Kid Set:

Land, Repair, Refuel by LNRDCROY [Firecracker Recordings, 2015]
Marylebone by Bochum Welt [Rephlex, 2013]
Patronen Vier by Traciskin [N/A, 2013]
Chelsea by Bochum Welt [Fuzzy Box, 2005]
UK72R1512020 by Aleksi Perala [AP Musik, 2015]
Kaini Industries by Boards Of Canada [skam, 1998]
Ash by Bibio [N/A, 2015]
Atmosphere by Harmonia & Eno '76 [Grönland Records, 2009]
The Order Of Death by Public Image Ltd. [Virgin, 1984]
Amber Decay by Kangding Ray [Raster-Noton, 2014]
Oh by µ-Ziq[Planet Mu, 2013]
Dentriss by Meson Natividad (aka Th’idiot) [N/A, 2015]
Mist by Tidy Kid [N/A, 2015]
Surface Bound by Luke Slater's 7th Plain [General Production Recordings,1994]
Desire On/Off by Tidy Kid[N/A, unreleased]

meditative finale track
Only One - TALsounds [Hausu Mountain, 2015]

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The 3rd dream, joined for Q&A with Nick Barrett and provided with a brand new piece of music from Scrase.


download link: https://intergalacticfm.com/content/audio.php?a=i&i=4722&v=o


relevant links:





Peace Arch - Slow Riffs [Mood Hut, 2015] (00:21)
UK74R1517100 - Aleksi Perala [self released bandcamp, 2015] (05:40)

Answers from Nick section 1 (10:50)
(11:00)Question 1: Could you tell us about your early dream life, is there anything there that you feel is interesting or unusual that you'd like to share with us?
(15:24) Question 2: When did you first learn about lucid dreaming, can you remember your first time? what prompted the lucidity in the dreamspace?
(21:31)Question 3: What motivated you to take it all much deeper?

interval (33:10)
Challenging Shadows - Jared Wilson [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, 2012] (33:21)

Answers from Nick section 2 (37:10)
(37:14)Question 4: Could you talk a little about how lucid dreaming has offered you a new perspective on life and "reality"?
(46:03)Question 5: Any examples off the top of your head on conducting experiments in Lucid Dreams and having surprising results?
(49:36)Question 6/7: Could you describe some of the most memorable dreamplans that you feel might inspire people to seriously pursue Lucid Dreaming? Any top tips that you would love to share for those who do want to get deeper? as an extension of this, any favourite techniques?

interval 2 (55:25)
Love I Can Feel - Dennis Brown [Jet Star Records, 2005] (55:33)

Answers from Nick Section 3 (59:10)
(59:15)Question 8: Any examples of information that was accessed in a Lucid Dream that you later validated in the waking state? something that was beyond "your own" projections specifically as "Nick Barrett"? :)
(1:03:33)Question 9: Can you share some examples of interacting with the "awareness behind the dream" along with any words of advice about how to approach this awareness and strengthen the communication with it?
(1:08:38)Question 10: Have you explored the concept of the VOID or do you have any experience of lucidly being in a space that appears completely empty of everything?

(Question 11: As far as improving memory of the dreamspace goes, do you have any tips in particular you would like to share?(1:16:41)

(Question 12: Any favourite books that really added a lot to your practice? (1:21:04)

Interval 3 (1:22:27)
Bogdan Raczynski & Björk - Who Is It (Shooting Stars & Asteroids Mix) [Rephlex, 2005] (1:22:31)

Final answers from Nick (1:27:50)
(Question 13: Could you share any anecdotes or experiences of yourself or people you know who have used the power of Lucid Dreaming to heal either physical ailments or psychological/mental troubles that you found very inspiring? (1:27:52)
14: Please tell us about your experience with your dreamer in regards to the radioshow? did you become lucid and get a response back directly from the dream awareness or did you have any luck with asking in the waking state/setting a strong intention for what to cover? (1:35:17)
Final track selections (2:31:40)
15: Can you think of the last difficult time where the practice of lucid dreaming allowed you to see beyond your projections in the waking state and thus creatively and effectively deal with a troubling or difficult situation in the most peaceful and compassionate manner (1:40:28)
16: What is high on your "to do" lucid dream plans at the moment? (1:49:34)

2hours 40 seconds final interval
Birth of New Life - Drexciya (2:00:48)

Final Questions for Nick (2:07:10)
17: Any dreamplans you'd love listeners to do next time they become lucid? (2:07:20)
listener question: "When you talk about having your wits about you in regards to being "taken down the wrong realm", what happened when you went down there and how do we seperate this experience from dealing with fear and anxiety correctly? (2:13:07)

Final Track selections:
The Impossible Dream (The Quest) - Richard Kidley [Kapp records, 1966] (2:33:39)

Awamori - Soundmurderer [WéMè Records, 2009] (2:36:15)
Quiddity - Scrase [unreleased, 2015] (2:40:55)

Meditational finale: (2:56:20)

Chihei Hatakeyama + Federico Durand - Tove [White Paddy Mountain, 2015] (2:56:50)

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The 4th Dream, joined in conversation with Robert Waggoner and furnished with an exclusive set from Volitune



Timestamp information and download link:


Running Order:


Fah - Where Are U Now Rly? (00:13)
KWC 92 - Night Drive (2:52)
Volitune - dreamset for Lucid Living (8:52)

Conversation with Robert Wagoner (23:00)

Question 1 :Any Precognitive dreams lately? if not-care to discuss a prophetic or precog dream that later
came dramatically true? (24:00)

Question 2: Any favourite unlimited intentions? (29:16)

Question 3: Any favourite healing stories you would love to share with the listeners? (34:09)

Question 4: What about some important rules of the dreamspace that you feel are essential knowledge for
anyone seriously wishing to pursue Lucid Dreaming? (42:50)

Question 5: Could you describe the last time you were "super lucid? (51:50)

Question 6: When was the last time you shouted "all thoughtforms dissapear!" and had characters stick
around and laugh at the prospect of you thinking they were just your thoughtforms
what happened? (54:20)

Question 7: As an extension of this, any recurring independent agents that keep coming back? (58:36)

Break 1 (63:18)
Larry De Kat - No Champagne (63:20)

Questions 8 to 11 (1:07:00)

Question 8: Have you explored the concept of "Feeling-tone" any further? i.e. as an example, asking to
hear the feeling tone of a planet like earth? (1:07:25)

Question 9: Could you talk about your experience of the clear light? what things stand in the way of a lot
of dreamers reaching this point? (1:20:13)

Question 10: As an extension of talking about clear light - could you describe how these experiences have
impacted your waking life, do you find the interconnection jumping out in the waking state
with more synchronicity? (1:27:36)

Question 11: Could you talk a little about the hidden observer, described by Hilgard. Are we saying that
the hidden observer is the same awareness as the dreamer behind the dream? or at least a link
to this awareness? as an extension of this then, surely further research and experimentation
of working with the "hidden observer" is absolutely crucial and could yield some wonderful
results? (1:33:10)

Break 2(1:37:08)
Goldmund - The Hidden Observer (1:37:18)

Questions 12 to 17 (1:39:20)

Question 12: Is there anything you like to do in waking space that you find strengthens your memory
of the dreamspace? noting that memory of long lucid dreams can be quite challenging, any
suggestions for improving this situation? (1:39:34)

Question 13: Did you find anything different about your dreams last night/this morning
that would link it at all to this interview? (1:41:05)

Question 13.5: Could you think of a time you had something big the following day and had lucidity that
prepared you for the upcoming event? (1:43:06)

Question 14: Any recent efforts at mutual Lucid Dreaming? or perhaps hearing of any recent efforts from
folks like Ed Kellogg, Lucy Gillis or Beverly D'Urso etc? (1:55:00)

Question 15: what's high on your "to do" Lucid Dreaming list at the moment? (2:01:05)

Question 16: Working on a new book at all? (2:02:48)
Question 16.5 any favourite books you would like to mention? (2:07:10)

Question 17: Any favourite dreamplan that you would love to suggest for listeners next time they become
lucid? (2:09:30)

Bonus discussion on precognitive dreams and waking life synchronicity (2:10:30)
Final section of music (2:15:20)
Sun Ra - Dreaming (2:15:23)
Richard Houghten - Finding Salvation (2:18:06)
Ametsub - Utmost Point (2:21:37)
Dalhous - Most Divers Should Aspire (2:24:28)
Panabrite - Memory Tank (2:29:08)
Meditative finale (2:31:40)
Iasos - Angels of Comfort (2:31:50)
Bonus selection (2:42:23)
Upstanding Monk - 5erytm (2:42:30)

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