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Tortoise - The Catastrophist


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THEY'RE BACK! With a slow-burning song.


Sounds like a more upbeat instrumental of How To Disappear Completely.




1. The Catastrophist

2. Ox Duke

3. Rock On

4. Gopher Island

5. Shake Hands With Danger

6. The Clearing Fills

7. Gesceap

8. Hot Coffee

9. Yonder Blue

10. Tesseract

11. At Odds With Logic

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Need to rediscover Tortoise.


One of the first albums I ever downloaded via Napster was Standards. I just did my homework and confirmed that Napster was born in 1999, Standards came out in 2000 (I remember sitting at the computer and thinking of something leftfield to download lol)


I need to hear TNT, one of those albums that's built of stealth technology as it always seems to float under my radar.

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Standards, for me, really set the bar high for what music can be

Of course MNLWND and TNT are true classics

And Beacons of Ancestorship (or whatever it's called) is an understated, brilliant work

And IAAY is...well, I go back and forth on that one

(The opener is amazing though)


Anyway, glad Tortoise is back in business

They are truly one of a kind




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Guest Chesney

Only just had chance to listen to the track. love it. So glad they are back.


If there is a track on this new album as good as crest i'll be a happy man.

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Heard Shake hands with danger from the forthcoming album on public radio this past Friday night. Sweet fucking track. Full excite for the new album.

I can't find the track online yet. Will continue to search.

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