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Selling my Elektron Analog 4


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Fellow WATMMers,


I'm selling my absolutely mint Analog 4. I bought it a bit more than a year ago (I believe the shop where I bought it still offers warranty, have to double-check), and it never left my non-smoking studio.


I still have its original box and everything that was shipped with it.


Why am I selling it? For several reasons:

- it's a fantastic unit, I absolutely love the sound... but I don't gel with it: for some reasons I sincerely don't get, I totally fail at getting familiar with its enveloppes, which ruins the whole experience for me.

- it's gift from my ex-gf, who keeps on disappointing me (like, big times), and yeah, I'm afraid I'm a sentimental person...

- selling the A4 will fund the purchase of other pieces of gear (trying to keep it all minimalistic in the studio, and to fund every new purchase by selling something).


So before it goes on eBay / Audiofanzine / FB / KVR / Gearslutz etc... I thought some of you guys here might be interested. Hence that topic.


Paypal is the safest service for a possible transaction, on both sides.


I'll ship wherever you want within the UE (might get way too expensive otherwise, don't you think?), from France (already done that my 2 Monomes, it all went seamlessly).


I'll consider any fair/serious offer.




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Ps: if you have any questions, want some pics of the units or anything else, feel free to send me a PM or an email at n i l h a r t m a n @gmail.com (without the spaces obviously).

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And sold.


@Brian: indeed, quite a nice gift (and back then, quite a nice person...).


But now I can afford a Roli Rise, and I'm super excited to play U-He Bazille & Diva with it. I came to the conclusion not a while ago that I was happy being ITB, and don't care at all about sounding analog or not, and that a Rise (combined with my nerdy workflow and minimalistic softy set-up) will be incredibly fun and relevant here.

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