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Dimitri Mazurov - Vestige EP


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Exclusive three track sampler taken from the new album by Russian electronic composer Dimitri Mazurov.

The artist works in the field of electronic, techno, experimental and

contemporary classical music. His main influences are J.S. Bach, gregorian chant, renaissance music, Arvo Part, Igor Stravinsky, Morton Feldman, Radiohead, GY!BE, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Marcus Schmickler, Microstoria, Steve Reich, Gyorgy Ligeti.

The EP & album features am exclusive remix by Markus Popp aka Oval.

Mastered by Peter Malafeev

Cover art by Crypt Keeper

File under : Ambient / Glitch / Experimental

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    • By logakght
      Hi all. I realized music that sounds like spiritual, etheric ambient glitch/techno is the type of music that my mind resonates with the most. Some examples might be Oval, Vladislav Delay, SND, Visible Cloaks, Huerco S., etc.
      Do you know something similar? Can be visuals too.

    • By kieselguhr kid
      thrill jockey just announced two new OVAL releases (EP in november, full-length in 2020). here's what they write about it; sadly no preview samples yet though. I'm cautiously excited about this; early oval up to process/commers is still some of my all-time favourite music, which made his last few releases just the more dissappointing (and i'm not even talking about popp's new career path as a self-help guru / 'creativity coach'....). a return to form would be much appreciated.
    • By kieselguhr kid
      new MoM coming soon,
      a double lp full of collaborations celebrating their 21st band anniversary.
      check here and here for some details.
    • Guest Zelmo Swift
      By Guest Zelmo Swift
      Just noticed Oval's official soundcloud created a set for a new release. there are no tracks in the set yet.
      How do you all feel about Markus Popp's direction as of late?
      I liked the "Oh" EP, but overall, I really prefer his loopy, glitchy ambient stuff from the 90's.
    • By kieselguhr kid
      oval gives away a bunch of tracks from his south american tour with local vocalists.
      just gave it a short listen, but it seems to work quite well.
      download via http://de-bug.de/musik/10384.html
      interesting stuff (though maybe not as good as the so album, which is one of my alltime glitch faves)
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