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AE show in San Fran


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Guest avril14th

.m4a audio from YouTube raw .aac (stereo, 128 vbr aac lc @ 44.1kHz) [avg. bitrate = 125-126]




.mp4 from YouTube






The video was captured using ClipGrab ("Original" setting under Format). Miro works as well.

I then used QuickTime Pro -> Export -> Movie To MPEG-4 (Options = Video - Off; Audio - Passthrough).

The resulting file was a .mp4; the extension was renamed to .m4a.


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Guest avril14th

FWIW, the best all-round ripper is youtube-dl

Works on over 700 different sites


Thanks for this, I wasn't even aware that there was a Windows executable.


Apparently, the "Original" option on quite a few programs doesn't do what you think it would. I re-downloaded the .mp4 using youtube-dl (-best); the resulting audio stream was 192 vbr (a slight step-up from my original post). Exported through QuickTime Pro. Sorry guys/gals, let's try this again:


SF Audio (.m4a 192 vbr aac)



SF Video


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Would love to get the wavs from OP of the video


edit: and does anyone happen to have a video of when the lights go down and ae starts? I want to show someone how it goes

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