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Rolando Simmons - Magic Crystal Remixes


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Rolando Simmons' Magic Crystal EP was released on Caoutchou in July. The response was overwhelming; the tapes were gone in 2 days and Rolando got support from the likes of Plaid, Pixelord, Dave Monolith, Jamie XX, Lefto,... You can still download the album here: bit.ly/1GgdsrZ

We asked a couple of Rolando's favorite artists to revisit his music and added a remix contest, open for all producers. The result is a mix of interpretations from around the world. Enjoy a free (donation) download and don't forget to share with your friends!


1. Magic Crystal (Karen Lust remix)
2. Deep Trail (Poskok remix)
3. Sisters On The Shore (Beatwife remix)
4. Earthshine (Ninjato remix)
5. Earthshine (Monolog X remix)
6. Deep Trail (Freezy remix)
7. Magic Crystal (Global Goon remix)
8. Deep Trail (Ronaldo Missons remix)
9. Deep Trail (Russian Corvette remix)
10. Deep Trail (Weakmassive remix)
11. Deep Trail (Sk'p remix)
12. Deep Trail (Coppice Hallifax rephrase)



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Solid release of course, awesome remixes in here.


I like most of them but the Global Goon and Weakmassive ones stand out in particular. I've had those on repeat for the day!

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  • 4 months later...

Finally got this last night, along with 18 other releases (which includes the original Magic Crystal EP) because Caoutchou are selling their entire fucking discog for approximately $4. I can't say anything about the quality of the other releases as I haven't even been able to listen to them yet but what the fuck? 4 dollars? Shit is preposterous. Magic Crystal alone is worth way more than that. Also, it should be noted that a lot of the albums appear to be name your price anyways.


Just a heads up for all the legit-broke/cheap/entitled cunts out there.



This one's for you

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