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Fah - In Ways Of Autumn


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Autumn inspired listening tunes. Tunes for travellers and dreamers, thinkers and walkers, drinkers and loners, feelers and lookers, wanderers and wonderers, visualizers and the quiet. Personal music crafted with machines that warm you to the touch with the eye and mind on my favorite season of the year. Genres this album touches upon: Thinkstep, Wanderdance, Intelligent Bronze Welding, Rainstance and Void Twerk.


Total album time: 52:38

1. In Ways Of Autumn - 04:14

2. Blue Led - 04:26

3. Come Join Us - 05:04

4. Hobby Theme - 03:57

5. Waash - 06:28

6. Arex Five (Williams) - 05:48

7. Red Led - 06:28

8. Valedilane - 05:03

9. Bronze Dimension - 11:08


Grab it here: https://fahtunes.bandcamp.com/album/in-ways-of-autumn

..or for free on some torrent or russian website shortly after the release of this. Any way is fine !



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