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I have been recording my weekly mixes I do for my college radio station.

Tonight I had fun playing short tracks back to back.

Played some music made by wattmers...

(such as Kyriakos Iaonnou, MRX, Owen Gilbride, & No Pomo)



broadcast and the focus group - what i saw

clark - dew on the mouth

neu! - vier 1/2

xela - sinking cadavers

infinity frequencies - mist

hype williams - dragon stout

kyriakos ioannou - lay them on the playground

mrx - themee

kyriakos ioannou - holding the sun

boards of canada - house of abin'adab

koji kondo - ghost attack

infinity frequencies - portals

aardvarck - ge-vat loop & biet niet

oneohtrix point never - grief and repetition

no pomo - ◖◖◖◖PORT◗◗◗◗

garon blodgett - no one is free

infinity frequencies - ghosts

onohetrix point never - behind the bank

owen gilbride - cosine

owen gilbride - oo-pad-g

boards of canada - uritual

autechre - notwo

angelo badalamenti - laura palmer's theme

boards of canada - from one source all things depend

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chunky shit:


Huerco S. - Transit (See See Rider)
Tessela - Luv Mix
Blawan - Diatonic Valves
Blondes - inner motive
Parassela - A1
Parassela - Untitled (ft. Pariah)
South London Ordnance - Contact
Lucy - Finnegan (Pariah Remix)
Slam - Make You Move
Blawan - Rubber Industry
Tessela - Total Music (Original Mix)

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