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i was devastated to see via RDJ's soundcloud, that Paul Laffoley has died (Cambridge, August 14, 1935 – d. Boston, November 16, 2015)


so many brilliant pieces of esoteric art left unfinished... yet, i have the feeling we will be reeling over what he was able to give us for centuries to come.


from his website @ http://paullaffoley.net/:


The visionary artist and luminary, Paul Laffoley, had died after a long battle with congestive heart failure. He had an extraordinary grasp of multiple fields of knowledge compulsively pursing interests that often lead him into uncharted territory. His complex theoretical constructs were uniquely presented in highly detailed mandala-like canvases largely scaled to Fibonacci’s golden ratio. While an active participant in numerous speculative organizations including his own Boston Visionary Cell since the early 70s, his work began to attract an increasing following in his late career with shows at the Palais de Tokyo (2009), the Nationalgalerie/Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin (2011), and the Hayward Gallery, London, the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, and the Yerba Buena Center in 2013. The first book on Laffoley’s oeuvre was The Phenomenology of Revelation published by Kent Fine Art in 1989, followed by several subsequent publications beginning with his first retrospective organized by the Austin Museum of Art (1999). Forthcoming in March of 2016, the University of Chicago Press will be releasing the long awaited book entitled The Essential Paul Laffoley. He was a kind and generous giant, and he will be sorely missed by all of us.


very good documentary on the architect, visionary artist, and eccentric:


him and in his studio (the visionary cell)



in the depths of the Boston Visionary Cell...



Laffolely while lecturing at the Thanaton II celebration in '88...before photoshoop...



i'll leave it to you all to find and fully digest his art via your own will...



shine on...

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Aw, rip.


I discovered him via his MySpace page back in '05 I think. I remember reading that when he died he wanted his body put in his usual place in his studio and the whole place filled with clear resin and the walls peeled off.

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What a truly neat and talented individual. I'm inclined to think he's only really left this form of existence, his work really speaks my spiritual curiosity, something I hope to explore more in the future.

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really sad news, huge inspiration (well more like I completely unabashedly ripped him off) for the entire post 2005 recordlabelrecords aesthetic



some of his stuff could be construed as flakey new age psychedelic art by some maybe, but for me his stuff was coming from a very special place that no other artist has really captured.

its always been really hard to find high resolution version or posters/prints of his stuff, he never got the same level of following as like Alex Grey or other psychedelic artists.

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