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Touched Music For Macmillan Cancer Support Presents Covert.

Touched Music

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Great, thanks for that reprint !

But if you're misleading people with a richard devine track being an autechre track, i'll go back to smoking ah ah (joking, awesome what you're doing for macmillilan cancer support).

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Once again, a solid compilation from Touched--thanks so much for this. I adore almost every track on here. The only one that kinda bugs me (although it's still okay taken on its own terms) is the one that's trying obviously so hard to be mistaken for BOC. Not really a fan of that strategy. Even the track title is so obvious it hurts.

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Thought I'd profess my love of this album here too. So... ya, Fantastic album the whole way through. Favorites are, in order of appearance, 01 - Borg_Acid, 02 - Polderones, 05 - Doloxan, 09 - Even If I Lose Everything, 11 - Streetscapes, and 15 - Northwest Territories. I'm sure more listens will narrow that down even more for me.



Probably not. I haven't heard it yet.


Just saying mdg does not necessarily = fact, that's all.


"insert anyone at all's name" does not necessarily = fact. Anything said on the internet especially, but also in life in general should be taken with at least one grain of salt, with very little exception. It's just that mdg is our best online forum bet at BoC fact. It doesn't mean you're gonna win the bet every single time. That just doesn't happen. Plus, we don't know the extent of the things BoC tells him and for what reasons. However, we do know that even official statements can change from time to time, let alone statements from a representative. I do think he's trying his best, though.




Anyways, I don't wanna get caught up in another mdg debate, so back on track.


A lot of the guesses so far in here seem reasonable. Personally, I would guess AFX for track # 1, but that's only because I'm not really familiar with Dave Monolith, as mentioned. I love discovering and listening to artists I haven't really heard before, especially if I already have a good indication like this that I'm going to like them. So to get the best experience where should I start with his music? I'm in the same situation with Syl Kougai. Neither of them have a ton of stuff released that I see on discogs. So it shouldn't take too much time.


I don't mean to derail this thread, but I'm really interested in figuring out, or at least getting a better understanding of who these Covert tracks are by. So it's kinda relevant, I guess. Just a short answer if possible would be great.

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Yeah, the guessing game seems kinda futile to me, and raises the potential of just getting egg on our faces once (or if) the artists are revealed. I prefer to go 747's route and talk about which tracks I like and why. My list is similar to his, but with some differences:


1. Borg_Acid 160bpm

2. Charm

3. Doloxan

4. Twels

5. Lless

6. Even if I lose Everything

7. Swanson

8. Cold Dark Field


Those are my favorites so far, and that's nearly half of the album. I actually really like the others, too, so this is a serious mark of quality, given that I don't usually have so many favorite tracks on an album. I also really like all these tracks for significantly different reasons. Fucking quality. Thanks again, norvum!

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