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Squishy's Journey (constructive criticism welcome)

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This is my first track in months, so I'm trying to ease myself back into making music with something fairly simple and straightforward. If there's anything you'd like me to bear in mind for next time, please let me know. I'd like to avoid getting stuck in habits, so I think I'm going to start pushing myself harder in the future, breaking out of this comfort zone a bit. I just wanted to make an easy track first! :)

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Can see what you mean in terms of simple build up but the layers are nice and well done. The chords are really 'lush' and there are some cool sounds/melodies (liked the contrasting one at 3:14) in here. Nice one!

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My dog. :)




This track was originally heavily inspired by Sam's Car, so I originally called it Squishy's Car, is all. But if you play them side by side, you'd be hard pushed to find any resemblance, I think.

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