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I couldn't tell if this was sincere or parody for a minute,

as a person who isn't usually confronted with insects as food, there is a strong internal triggering of :wtf: tbh.


"want worms? I grew them myself! hey, where are you going...?"

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Its gaining popularity as an alternative protein, promoters of this say it can feed the whole world but i havent read enough about it but i im open to it since it claims its easy on the stomach, i have digestive problems so i dont know if things get bad ill try this.

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I've had a few of these https://www.exoprotein.com/


Made with cricket flour. They're not bad, the Cacao flavor was pretty damn good actually. There was a slight crunch that I hadn't experienced before but it wasn't off putting enough for me not to finish a bar ever.


I would rather get grass fed beef/buffalo bars but crickets are more eco friendly/sustainable and they contain more nutrients according to the research I've lightly read.

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