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For those with a few $ to spare, a close friend of mine could really use some help...


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Hey guys, feels awkward posting this here and probably isn't the best place for this but I'm trying to help my friend reach more outlets... I'll give a little background:


A close friend of mine has fallen on some really rough times lately, he was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. On top of this his relationship with his fiancé whom he currently lives with has been falling apart. His fiancé is psychotic and unfortunately he was under her medical plan, in one of her manic episodes of rage she cancelled his medical insurance and is trying as hard as she can to drive him out basically leaving him to dieHe doesn't really have family left to fall back on as both of his parents died of cancer as well some years back (It kind of runs in his family.)...


His lease on the current place is expiring soon, and unfortunately with his medical bill and having to cut back on working to attend to his health, he isn't left with much money to afford a new place. We've been trying to get him into emergency crisis housing, but the system is inefficient and takes time. Because of this we're trying to raise a little money to assist him in being able to find a place to live and pay rent for a few months while he can focus more on his health, and figuring his life out.


He's a great guy that's been dealt quite a handful of bad cards, Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here's the GoFundMe link:

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thats a hell of move to make on behalf of your friend, if there were more people like this in the world.......


absolutely, lemme get zee plastic out due to unfamiliar residence here.


1 of my folks has incurable cancer and, even with the British NHS, its been a total nightmare from start to where we are today. Getting an internal biopsy done in Sept and being sent home with paracetamol was the opening gambit. No Morphine, no Pregabalin, not even Codeine. Sheer & utter hell. Plus 2 previous encounters through other incredibly arduous times


I dread to think where we'd be if this was down to "insurance", so even in its current state, thank fuck for the NHS. It saved me.


donation submitted, 50bucks, and the very best of luck

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ppss: i'd highly recommend this documentary on 1 man's journey through cancer, Wilko Johnson, the ultimate guitar psychopath & visionary of Dr Feelgood.


as heart-breaking as it is hugely inspiring, but Wilko's recovery might help your mate see through the raging shitstorm he's currently in. It helped me a lot with familial sufferers of this disease:




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