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VHS Head - New EP - Sara Eats Neon


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Record arrived, terribly warped :sad:


Somehow, it still played fine though, so I guess it doesn't matter much.


Without trying to sound like a smart arse ordering vinyl at Christmas is best avoided 'cause of huge volumes which might end up sitting on top of and twisting that delicate disc of wax. Obvious this was a limited press so you didn't have much choice. I've seen some terribly wrecked and savaged vinyl records, and I kind of feel sorry for the soul receiving it.

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    • By Terpentintollwut
      No, "TBA" isn't the name of his next release, but I wanted to share this info:
      I was mocking him on his Facebook-Page two days ago and posted some shit about him being late for his usual September-schedule, not really expecting a reply, but he actually got back to me and posted the following:

      He's been doing a lot of live stuff lately, but this is the first actual confirmation of a new release, to my memory at least.
      2013 keeps 'em coming ... !
      I'll edit the topic title once the name is out. Until then, we may speculate.
      I predict this release will have something to do with either the 80s or with VHS-Tapes, possibly both.
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