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footwork rave idm glitch jam


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kind of slept on your tracks until a couple of months (don't know why) but really like the recent stuff you posted and this is no exception. So much energy at the beginning! can't say I find this cohesive the whole way through (maybe I would with more listenings - or maybe it's just like that because it's a jam).


what's the setup?


ps: the last part is excellent, makes me think about spl9 too

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thanks! Yeah it was just live pattern manipulation so it's a bit freeform, but I kinda like it like that (and it fits in with the aesthetic of the new project).


This is just monomachine for the first section, then nanoloop and kaoss pad come in when the bassline changes for the end section.

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good stuff. a lot of interesting ideas that conjure intense feelings. it's like running on a treadmill that's too fast so you keep falling but you get back up really quickly each time and the same thing happens again and again. yeah that ending was really good. that was my favorite part and was definitely fucking me good.

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oh that was you, i did listen when i saw the add, /adds back


lol at setting up a new account and having to add 237 accounts to follow, spose it's a way of people then checking whom you are, but without a pm it's kind of, who's this peepa from melbourne with his lowrez jam, next.

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yeah I probably shouldn't have done it like that, but whatevs, it's done now


I was originally planning to not promote this project at all, and just make stuff and chuck it online for someone to discover eventually

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