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my ex-girlfriend and a very good friend that died recently was with me on these concerts. can't really enjoy listening to these even if they are the best live gig I have seen by AE so far

it’s funny to me that other people also try to make music lmao 

Posted Images

just noticed that only the 18 sets have inverted color schemes* compared to the onesix ones... wp tdr.


*i mean beans being black vs shaded background and vice versa.

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2 hours ago, darreichungsform said:

Are all their Max patches inside a bigger Max patch that can somehow morph between them? 

kind of,  totally, like yeah, for example :I was about to say "dublin set starting is sounding a bit " icari " ...then while typing my post, 2 min later i was like no it's more like "this"... then, no actually more like "that track "...,like actually it can morph to anything at anytime in any order, this realtime. (ormix anything)

....to make it simple : they are mastering their "instrument" very very well now. they can do what they want. like their brain almost directly connected to the soundsystem now.  like an achievement (when speaking about live playing)

...haha you see more example : 10 min later listening while typing and there's a bit of" all end" coming  in the mix...wait no, this is "mirrage"

  but still  sound like something new rather than two tracks mixed. like they have an abstract vocabulary and sing songs with it.

anyway i guess you all get the thing , nd i've read similar reactions about this here before  i mean you're AE experts in there ?

 obviously autechre is fucking up my brain but in a good way  and that's fucking cool ?

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me , three hours ago :  "yeah tonight i won't go to bed too late...."     

me , one hour later "yeah cool  i listen to one those new ae onesix ! then i'm down"

me, two hours later, reading watmm while still listeng to it : "well, i go for a second one then i go to bed for true. i might get bored anyway if i listen to more than two" 

me now : "well ....have a glass of wine to finish, a bit of the next then i'm turning the computer down"

.... to be continued  ?

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wrong typing a word
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1 hour ago, Ivan Ooze said:

I'm gonna wait till yo guys tell me what the best one is and buy that. Can't wait to ear onesix


i suggest you need one for each day of the week

(well err ... if you're quite down on money now, my joke isn't fun at all   tough .... excuses ))   maybe you can listen to them on the ae store and then choose the one you prefer, coz apparently it's possible to listen even if not buying      just helping )

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this is dope

this is going somewhere


some mixlr chatters might get the joke  

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14 minutes ago, darreichungsform said:

An Australian, just freshly starting the day, so unconsumed and innocent

Melbourne! Hallelujah!

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2 hours ago, markedone said:


Nijmegen is a pretty idm city name.  I like to think they chose to play there over, say, Amsterdam for that reason.  Come to think of it, most of the names of where they played on this release have cool looking names.

Also, welcome!

Oslo for N?

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this is absolutely the sh*t.

it stands correct at so many levels. most important, i want to dance.

Ae take sound design and the dance floor and give it to you as yourself, at best.

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