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I've been listening to the recordings on yt of Aeonesix, the material there is incredible.  I wonder whats holding them back from releasing the soundboards on their store.. 


Especially after announcing in an interview that they would do that if everything goes well. Seems they're not happy with the sets. I think onesix is best autechre material so far. More to my taste than NTS Residency


I really wish they had or still might release the Onesix tour stuff. I've been listening to it again today, and I just can't connect with it at all given even the best crowd recordings. There's so much information missing in the sounds (I'm assuming, of course, I wasn't in attendance at any) that everything from the sets is just...flat. Dulled as hell, just seems empty. When I first heard them, I figured it had to do with just bad recordings (not to blame the fans out there recording and posting of course) but after trying a few different ones, I just think the set maybe doesn't translate well outside of a 'live' situation (big space, loud system, etc) and so that has to do with why they weren't happy with releasing them online? I'd love them released anyway so I could hear myself because there are some really interesting moments.


Maybe some of the next three residency days will incorporate more of the material from there? Something towards the beginning 10-15 minutes of Onesix reminded me of some of the first tracks on the NTS Residency (ae01?). I mean, they're definitely recycling a moment or two from the AE_LIVE sets in the ae01 stream, why not use the Onesix stuff again as well? I'd almost bet on this happening, actually. Some people said the last 10 minutes of ae01 reminded them of something in Onesix, so maybe it's already happened?



Maybe my enthusiasm for the onesix material is because I saw it live in Leipzig. The sound was incredible. Those high pitched hat like crackling sounds tickled my skin and those long metallic drones were so intense I came in my pants. I really really want the soundboards


yeah im in the same boat. i couldnt actually believe the sounds that i was hearing, i saw them twice on the onesix tour and it completely blew me away. i seriously want them. i would harm anybody that got in my way of getting them. i would actually hospitalize them (only in a self defense situation, not inciting violence btw incase thats against the rules, plus just exaggerating for comedic effect so just a joke anyway)


as for the end of ae01, yeah there were certain pads/glassy sounds that were soooo similar to the end of onesix, im almost certain its max modules that theyre using cut from the same cloth


wtf just typing this comment out made me realise how much i love onesix. i actually wanna relive it so badly. i remember roughly about here https://youtu.be/rX8NMaGEs6g?t=3393 shaking the walls in london (obv thats the helsinki set but the structure is mostly the same throughout) and just sitting there with a huge smile on my face

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Not onesix but I heard them in 2015 and the sound was somehow physical.  I could feel the air against my face and I could feel the vibration in my skin.  There were more dimensions to it than just the sound I heard in my ears.  Obviously this applies to all music somewhat, you can feel it vibrating in your body if it's loud, but this case was like a much more advanced version of that, to the point where I imagine even deaf people would have absolutely loved that show


This can never be replicated in a home listening environment and I will never forget that.  It was the most amazing musical experience I've ever had and likely ever will have, unless I get to see them again


sam and bob pls come US again :cry:


On a related note, "Music for Deaf People" is a fascinating concept, based on this idea.  They could get as loud and abrasive as necessary because the people are already deaf, and focus ENTIRELY on this body feel.  Does anyone know if any artists do this?


That's an interesting concept.  "Music for Deaf People".  Has anyone 

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interesting point, makes me anxious though, probably coz i dont know much about deafness but would listening to music that loud be harmful to the body in any way? what if there was a tiny bit of hearing that could possibly be salvaged in their ear via a hearing aid? will it damage the inside of their ear even more?


altho im probs derailing thread a bit at this point. nice concept though

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Think we can anticipate more variety/variation between sets compared to the AE_Live recordings?


I guess they've really figured out how to put out albums in real time (essentially). 

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Physical version will ship approximately three months after the final show airs, but include 24bit WAV versions straight after each broadcast.

FFFFUUUUU three months???

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:cry: love autechre, but hate gratuitous box sets. where i live now, the box set at that price is 80% of a months rent, not even with shipping costs, making it a total nonstarter.



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:cry: love autechre, but hate gratuitous box sets. where i live now, the box set at that price is 80% of a months rent, not even with shipping costs, making it a total nonstarter.



WAVs are $40, CD set is $50+shipping, or mp3s for $30 :) Also of course NTS seems to be just replaying it eternally for free, so...you've got options! No need to be sadface

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"Music from Deaf People". 


Saw her when I was in college, pretty awesome performer. She was barefoot on stage. I think there's plenty of vibration you pick up through means other than your cochlea, even without a Funktion-One array.

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