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my ex-girlfriend and a very good friend that died recently was with me on these concerts. can't really enjoy listening to these even if they are the best live gig I have seen by AE so far

it’s funny to me that other people also try to make music lmao 

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Why not bully a psychiatric patient into buying it for you, that's already your thing anyway.

Stephen g got me the exai CD after I was a cunt to him but he's not a psychiatric patient afaik, and all my watmm "bullying" has been not for profit... I've been a good boy lately, why are you coming at me :shrug:


one could argue that findom is inherently psychiatric patient bullying but thats a different debate

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Poor stepheng, heard he killed himself shortly after that ordeal

RIP in Peace Stephen :cattears:


but..... I'm alive? 


I think?





Stephen g got me the exai CD after I was a cunt to him but he's not a psychiatric patient afaik


I thought it was Syro, I forget. Hope you enjoyed it whatever it was. And no, I'm a drinker but def not a psych patient lol. Maybe he's referring to CHATMM lore. There was that one guy that ended up in a psych ward IIRC?


I've never heard of you being a bully, is that your reputation round these hurr parts?

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So it's confirmed span took advantage of Stephen G?




it was consensual bebe  :catrecline:  :catbed:


also that gif = 100*<3

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holy shit 12xLP boxset of new shit I'm down. Bought. I wish I wasn't a poor college bitch back then and bought all the analords (and bitcoin for that matter). At least I have some of them: analord 10 picture disk, analord 11, analord 3, analord 6, analord 7.

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Hopes for the publication of Onesix are coming back: if the poster of the next live shows (Australia and Japan) has the same graphics, it is plausible that this is the same set, maybe partially evolved. So it is clear the reason that has not yet been published: they were going to propose it again (after all it was done only in Europe and for only a month). In my opinion we will have Onesix on AE_STORE when the new tour will be trerminated.


Come back again to Europe pls ...

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