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ambient jungle in the white lodge

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    • By Candiru
      I've been watcing this show for the second time and have been catching so many more winks and incredible lines, bits of foreshadowing. This show is freakin' stupendous! Favorite characters and storylines?
    • By fumi
      This is in addition to the September releases.     Sacred Bones has just released Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△, an album composed entirely of Dean Hurley’s sound design work for the new season of Twin Peaks. Hurley has worked with David Lynch for over a decade and acted as sound designer and music supervisor on Lynch’s last feature Inland Empire.   Twin Peaks: The Return has hosted an exceptional array of musicians performing at the Roadhouse, including “the” Nine Inch Nails and Hudson Mohawke. Hurley took the stage at the show’s iconic watering hole, as well, playing drums with Alex Zhang Hungtai and Riley Lynch as Trouble in episode 5 of The Return.    
      Preview the collection and check out the artwork below. You can hear and purchase the full compilation over at Bandcamp.   https://deanhurley.bandcamp.com/album/anthology-resource-vol-1
    • By fumi
      This is out on Friday. Sounds incredible from the samples.
    • By smokebelch
      Not seen any threads on this posted, but Im sure there are some fans of the show and its music on here.
      Over the last year the David Lynch site has been releasing an 'open' album of previously unreleased Angelo Badalamenti music from the archives of Twin Peaks. Nearing 200 tracks now, and the releases are nearly finished.
      Bit more info here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Twin_Peaks#The_Twin_Peaks_Archive
      Would have loved a physical box set of this stuff, but think that would be unlikely to happen. At least there is the option of getting lossless versions of all the tracks. Prob a bit pricy for the whole album now, but been fun downloading each weeks releases for a couple of bucks each.
      There's some amazing stuff in there, particully some of the dark & disturbing ambient tracks. These are the ones Id always wished to be on a TP soundtrack album.
      Any one else been getting these?
    • By MadellisTheSixth
      bet he marathon'd the Teletubbies
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