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How this band kept a straight face I have no idea. I've watched this about 10 times straight in awe of this lad. Undoubtedly the best part for me now is his visible preparation just before the first l

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oh god.


it's like they were made for each other


A major reason Burial clicked for me was that I lived in the UK from 99-01' as a teenager, the same era of music he most frequently sampled from, especially as someone who'd flip on UK MTV and play PS1 games a lot. That said I lived on a USAF base which was something of a black hole in terms of music. The only music everyone publicly acknowledged they listened to was nu-metal and mainstream rap. Limp Bizkit and Korn were like the staples of CD cases and t-shirt drawers for every remotely alt kid in school.


So basically what I'm saying is that video is hilarious but also a major mindfuck for me in terms of unintended and unromantic nostalgia. Those pencil sketches and that flanged out/timestretched sample of the chorus: genius.

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Yeah, I'm a One Piece fan - this always cracks me up:

lel. Some of my friends back in Japan are One Piece fans as well, not sure why I never got into it.

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