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How this band kept a straight face I have no idea. I've watched this about 10 times straight in awe of this lad. Undoubtedly the best part for me now is his visible preparation just before the first l

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Guest bitroast

big lol at last line




"at the moment this is only available on the Spectrum but they are hoping to bring it out for the Amstrad later this year"



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Oh America...




(Dang, how do you embed youtube videos that start at specific times?)

Lol, this reminds me of when you buy some new thing as a kid and another kid who thinks they know everything keeps on saying you should've gotten something else. I guess not much changes

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Some of those people probably want spare change, saying hello or how are you are usual intros in to this, and then when you ignore them that's when they come back with the rudeness. Therefore i would remove those from the number she totted up. Then we have to remember that new york city is incredibly dense with people, so walking for ten hours she would have encountered tens of thousands of people of whom there will be a small percentage of wankers (and new york is renowned for it's loud gregarious population). Also, she walked past areas that that seemed to be hang outs, where people sit around with nothing to do but comment on people passing by. Areas that probably don't get people like her walking by so often.


Then you have to realise that these men, of average iQ are probably used to getting some visual cue to back off, by displaying no response it prolonged their investigation, perhaps even peaked their curiosity. Normally there would be a frown or step off mutha. Which would be replied with, 'ahright, i feel you, have a nice day'.


Also, you can guarantee that the workers in that non-profit will be paid a salary thanks to the sukkaz that front for this game.


Stop this pro fnazi propaganda already.



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ahaha, fucking flolling facepalms delet..how did i miss that post, you're a never ending well of idiocy!

i mean can you even imagine something like that happening to a man? like some fugly women harassing (with sexual undertones) a guy that's passing by?

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was just about to post this. "Can I help you with somethin"......."Yesss"

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The comments are atrocious!

Half of those comments are just fake "ironic" reddit troll accounts. Lately, this seems to happen to every vid that gets a little bit of attention. I bet they also use some sort of upvote exploit. So fucking annoying. It's like the new 4chan /b-tards.

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kinda interesting series.


crazy american creationist visits secular scandinavia:




american vs scandinavian prisons:


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