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How this band kept a straight face I have no idea. I've watched this about 10 times straight in awe of this lad. Undoubtedly the best part for me now is his visible preparation just before the first l

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Nice, one of the lads from The Horrors is in the group and I am such a sucker for this sound

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I fell in love with Cree too.


edit: o he does this to children as well wtf

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That Cilley dude is really going to snatch up some 17 year old girl one day and ruin/end her life.








Bonus Dan Cilley post from a PUA forum:




I want to make videos with you, Chris! I'm in DTLA. Yesterday was the best day ever! Magical! I was Scotty yesterday! I approached soooo many people! I approached every girl I wanted! And I made a video of it...the video is hours long! But the video isn't that good because I was holding the camera as I did it...I need a cameraman...or a hidden camera on my shirt. I was dancing in the streets, singing to girls...I pulled a girl into me and tried to kiss her! I had been depressed...for my whole life! It's the combination of killing candida yeast in my digestive system, and also...I have not orgasmed in 9 days. On the seventh day, testosterone supposedly increases substantially. Testosterone decreases fear, and makes you want to stand out among the crowd. I was a ROCKSTAR yesterday. I was singing so loudly while everyone was going home from work. A lot is not on video later in the night because I ran out of time on my camera! I'm broke right now! I need the equipment and people necessary to do this! I am soooo passionate about life now. I love singing! I just don't feel that good right now because I haven't eaten anything today. I ate an avocado in the morning yesterday...that's all I ate! You don't have to eat as much food when you are not addicted to sugar and processed carbs. I was eating a lot of white rice because I have been very sensitive to wheat and corn...and brown rice...so that's why I ate white rice. But I found out a few days ago...recently...that white rice causes my nose to get stuffed up and my abdomen feels uncomfortable and bloated and I lose energy and desire and passion. Music sounds so good to me now! I feel positive emotions now! I want to romance women! I'm a peacock! I strut down the street...move like John Travolta in Grease! I'm awesome! There are so many depressed and autistic people in the world. They are autistic...I was autistic! They do not feel good looking you in the eyes...they can't smile. Talking to people makes me smile! I desire to connect with people! I desire to be social! I desire to be around happy people! I'm a rockstar! I love singing! I hope everyone can change their diet in order to feel as well as I do! Let's gooooo! We can change the world! Google Dan Cilley on YouTube. I am uploading the video from yesterday now. It's going to be called, "The Most Magical Day Ever." I have lower anxiety...more confidence! I felt like THE MAN yesterday! I did so many things...I got kicked out of Whole Foods because apparently 4 people (girls) complained! I was talking to everyone...I was "out of my head," meaning, I wasn't thinking...I was saying whatever I thought! The security guard said that a girl said I touched her, but I didn't...and said I was "harassing people"...even though they never told me to get away from them or to stop or anything! They just looked depressed and sad. I was dancing while I was in line! I talked to the girl behind me and the girl in front of me! I asked the girl behind me if she liked the music playing...and the woman in front of me why so many tall people shopped at Whole Foods. I couldn't believe it...but girls do that just because they want to make you a bad person...even though they probably love you...but they have a boyfriend but feel guilty to talk to you. They wish they could have you...but they are depressed and hate their life. They hate that they are too old or ugly for you...They are turned on by your body and confident approach...and that is not a choice...it's the reptilian part of the brain turning you and her on. And it is very uncomfortable for them to be in your presence if they know you aren't going to seriously date them. If they have no chance. I haven't approached many girls in my life...but when I do...this shit happens...fast. They want you out of their life...out of their reality...if you are hotter than their boyfriend, and if you are funnier and more expressive and more fun than their boyfriend. Or if they know there's no chance with you. That's my theory. So, the moral of the story is to not approach average girls...especially if you are above-average looking. But I was just making conversation...these two average-looking cougars I approached...and just said, "Isn't this place awesome? This place is amazing," and I smiled and was so joyous...but they gave me weird looks...probably mostly because my clothing and my hair. I just need money to change my look. Later, on the street, I looked behind me and a girl was talking to another girl about her clients that she had...and I turned around and asked, "What do you do?" And she turned out to be a "draper"...someone who makes over your look. And both girls really liked me...and I got her email...but I need money. But...what I'm saying is...everything is manifesting so fast for me...I was "in the moment" yesterday...I was LIMITLESS yesterday. I wasn't thinking about the past or future...I loved it. I loved life. I really hope more people can become well and be joyful and happy and expressive. I know how most people are though...because of the symptoms I used to have...very depressed, it doesn't feel good to talk to anyone...at worst, you have no desire to respond to a person if they talk to you...you won't feel horny, you won't have desire...you can "take it or leave it" with women...you will sabotage yourself...if there's a gorgeous girl...with a gorgeous ass...and you are with her at a coffee shop...(this happened to me)...you will not be aggressive enough...passion will not come out when you speak...you won't have energy that would otherwise be transferred over to her and make her feel excited. You will be dead...not a man...a zombie...but with no energy. I sabotaged that date...I said that she and I didn't have much in common. Very depressing. I made up excuses not to court her and express my sexual desire and really try to please her and make her want me. When you are a MAN, you feel like owning women. David Wygant, the dating coach, said, "They want you to CLAIM them." Women want you to be the MAN. They want you to be a fucking MAN! You can't be that if you are sick. And most people are sick! It's all dictated by physiology...how the food interacts with the body. You have to allow you body to function properly. And if you masturbate many times a day, you are wasting your sexual POWER! The wind is not able to catch in your sails. On the seventh day after not cumming, you will get a boost in testosterone...and for me it was the seventh day the day before yesterday when I finally said something other than "Hi" to a girl: It was a very voluptuous woman...tall, blonde...with her mom probably...and I just went in...they were walking across my view, from right to left...and I said, "Hi..." but she didn't respond, which it seems most do...so then I went in, close to her ear, and I said, "I like you." And then I kept walking, past them, and she had a look of disgust on her face, but also like it turned her on...but she was trying to act like it was a bad thing because she was afraid of what her mother thought...because her mom probably taught her to never talk to strangers...and she thinks that meeting someone on the street is "a bad thing." I was soooo happy after that. A homeless guy immediately said, "Good luck...you'll never get that." It was like everyone around was looking at the girl and saw the action take place...the entertainment. How many guys even approach women? It seems to never happen. I love being the person who entertains and inspires people. I hope more guys can turn into MEN and have the BALLS to approach and seduce women. That is life! Life is sex! That's what life is from puberty...or should be. Life is sexual. That's what LIVING is about! That's what feels good! That's what makes you happy! Happiness is positive emotion...MOTION! Moving...transfering energy. Happiness ranges from contentment to intense joy! Want to feel joy! Intense joy?! Eat the right foods...and do not masturbate. And approach women! Tell them what you are feeling. Say..."I like you." Say, "I just saw you over there and you are very attractive." Say, "I like your legs." Say, "Your curves look amazing." Say, "You are turning me on." And you should be smiling when you do it, because you are going be feeling well because your body is healthy. If you are too depressed and anxious, you can't smile or talk fast. I was talking so fast. And funny things come out of your mouth when you talk fast. You are naturally funny if you express yourself and don't limit your thoughts. I hope to inspire the world to become more expressive, more sexual, more happy, more joyous! I want dancing in the street? I was going, "Whooooohoooo!" like I was on alcohol. I pulled that girl into me after I had been walking backwards while she was walking in my direction...with my hand outstretched...and she was listening to everything I said...and I was looking at her in the eyes and she was also looking at me in the eyes...I was talking about the intestinal problem...and she KNEW what I was talking about...probably has a similar problem. Her face was not clear...her skin wasn't that good. But I liked her...and when I felt the desire...when I felt that there was a chance that she was into me...I went in (while still walking--or jogging!--backward) and I put my right arm around her waist...and I pulled her in and it felt so good...and I pulled her in all the way to be...I was the male...the alpha male...the stallion...the seducer...the lover...I pulled her in...and she did not react immediately...it was as if she loved it...I went in to kiss her...but then she pulled away at the last instant and said, "Hey hey hey hey," and looked very serious, and kept walking away...and I smiled as to say, "I love you and genuinely didn't mean to hurt you." Then, she was halfway across the crosswalk, and I pointed the camera at her...and I saw that her ass was AMAZING! I filled with intense joy and couldn't hold it in. I exploded VERY LOUDLY: "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" It was so cathartic. It was like an orgasm when you actually have sex with a woman! It was a dream...I was living in the moment. I was truly LIVING! Watch the video NOW! It is titled, "The Most Magical Day EVER!" and the specific video where I have the "orgasm" is "The Most Magical Day EVER! (10/11)"...and go to 13:35...that's when the girl and I
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