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This channel is amazing.

Some guy gets his hands on old food rations from various wars (all the way back to WW2), opens them and tries them out if the content doesn't seem deadly.

Seeing the content of those rations is amazing. Every single one of them had a pack of cigarettes.

that was surprisingly fascinating



thanks for posting this, I love this stuff.


no idea if smoking was common with the Soviets, but i know they issued 100g of vodka to the red army daily as part of their rations - it was probably more consistently distributed than food and water: lot of red army soldiers regularly ran into dental problems, lesions, etc. from lack of nutrients and clean clothing.


ironically the Nazis pushed for anti-tobacco laws and regulations, no idea if that might of bolstered calls for cigs in rations in the US army

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Can't remember if I'v posted this one in here before, but I was reminded of it today... Hilarious short, narrated by Nick Offerman.

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