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How this band kept a straight face I have no idea. I've watched this about 10 times straight in awe of this lad. Undoubtedly the best part for me now is his visible preparation just before the first l


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I'm addicted!  Gene Roddenberry and Robin Williams were murdered.  Jesus told her that most people don't think that she is crazy.  She has been having brain-to-brain sexual encounters with a Jesuit clone of Brent Spiner, even adding a disclaimer at the beginning of her autobiography) that "The Real Brent Spiner has had no willing and knowing sex with this publicist and has never desired her.She studied WordPerfect 5.1.  Her great uncle was Howard Hughes (but she didn't know it at the time so didn't get any inheritance money).  Since her autobiography, The Real Brent Spiner DID contact her on the phone and now she has him in her life.  Since 2007 she has been voted sexiest woman alive by People Magazine...but of course the Jesuits pulled the real People edition from the shelves.













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did i post this in here already? 


level of difficulty so damn high. 


damn ! i used to be fascinated by flat land tricks when i watched the xgames on tv a long long long time ago.

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      I'll start lol!!!
      Aaron Baird - YouTube
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      I have gathered a few but I'm sure some of you have many more..
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      what youtube videos does aphex twin enjoy.
      personally I think his taste would oscillate between ContraPoints and Alex Jones rants.
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