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aw yiss motherfucking red pandas


hands down the best promotional video for an animal food brand I've ever seen...



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That was amazing footage. I felt uneasy watching it conclude. Hollywood could learn a new technique from the the motion in the camera swaying.


I just don't get why he's videoing the monitor when he's got the clips on his desktop.




1 video is not mine, the one who wrote not convert or otherwise!


2 Who knows the name vodyatla? Request to the PM only 100% Old! Country should know their "heroes"!


3 Date knocked on the recorder, the accident took place on October 8-9.


4 Audi was traveling family - husband, wife, 19-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. Baby got most, but thankfully getting better


Pedestrians on not Confirmation resources fracture of both legs


Recent news from zomboyaschika:


The network has shots of terrible road accident, which a week ago discussing all Karaganda. As we reported, the 40-year-old driver of "Mercedes" knocked down a pedestrian, and when he tried to escape, he was killed in the accident. And now the Internet have posted a record that has been made the hero of the video recorder.


On the record clearly shows the driver of "Mercedes" at the red light goes to the opposite lane and knocks down a pedestrian on a zebra. After that, it is not slowing down, crossing double solid and faces a "Toyota Camry". After that, he just succumbed to the gas, and again goes to the counter. Head-on collision for reckless driver was lethal. Injured four others, they were hospitalized as a downed pedestrian. The Internet community is now actively discussing the responsibility of the deceased driver. But while police flatly refused to comment on the accident.

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Yayyy I love Tim Heideckers unique brand of ironic meta OHWAITNOIDONT FUCKOFFTIMYOU'RENOTFUNNY



I can't get my head around this video. I've watched it loads of times today and it doesn't even feel real. Maybe because of it's recording the monitor but it's like some sort of Irreversible type of thing... Then the music with it and the switch of videos.. repeating the crash. It's fucking crazy.

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Yayyy I love Tim Heideckers unique brand of ironic meta OHWAITNOIDONT FUCKOFFTIMYOU'RENOTFUNNY


Wow, what? Calm yo tits, man


But it's not funny. And is it suposed to be irony that the guy on the left can't cross his eyes even though he keeps pretending to demonstrate that he can. Hipster juice.

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