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Sea-Turds / Sea-Sausages:   (Sea-Cucumbers) (They have a truly amazing Anus btw)

Dino-Whippers / Dino-Clubbers:   (Ankylosaurs) (Which came first? The Knob or the Handle?)

A couple of theoretic ways on how the Universe might ultimately cease to exist in the far far far future:   (This info is not too useful in everyday life, but it's still fun to ponder upon whilst on the toilet fabricating a Sea-Cucumber)


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 About the pioneers of aviation. (powered, steerable, piloted)

Old archive footage of all sorts of failed flying machines prototypes. (no sound)
They seem either really inventive or outright hilarious. Some however seem more like deathtraps or murder-machines.
Don't know where to find the video without the watermark and timer though.


Gizmo! (1977) A docu by Howard Smith about old questionable inventions. Dedicated to all inventive people.

About self-replicating robots and also the paradox that we don't see any evidence yet of them in our known universe.


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