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if anyone here ever steamed himself in clubs, he/she might appreciate this toilet party

and Helena delivers with another crazy transition at 1:27:25. I used to live for moments like these...

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2 hours ago, Muteking said:


Classic! Miss John Safren on our screens. ACA is also mega-trash, always has, always will be.

Let's not forget the Chaser's early efforts on TV! "Fat kids with ADHD caught on camera, joining Lebanese gangs to perform shonky renovations!"


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On 12/3/2020 at 6:51 PM, maftedv2 said:


i feel like jack has been really unappreciated for the forger stuff, there's newer youtube personalities who do these collage videos like they invented that shit. they have no idea they were owned by this guy before they could legally buy a cigarette

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