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3 hours ago, Zephyr_Nova said:

His voice is the closer to Donald Trump's than anyone else I've heard speak, but slightly less nasal and a little lower pitched.

Wow, are those weird smiles signs of rage or tics? Also, he looks like George Liquor American


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4 hours ago, Squee said:

Wow, are those weird smiles signs of rage or tics? Also, he looks like George Liquor American


I interpreted them to be tics of rage.  Curious if any actors out there end up adopting it for future angry characters.  It makes the rage all the more palpable.

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Video editing takes up insane amount of hard drive space.  Like... every hour I have to clear another gig+ of data just to keep going for the next hour.  What the fuck!  How can this be?  How do movies get made???  This is just for a 4 minute music video.  I'm used to editing accounting for like... not even megabytes worth of data.  Guess I've been spoiled as an audio guy all these years.

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35 minutes ago, Zephyr_Nova said:

What the hell is the context there?


The Rangers bust up a drug operation. While the leader and his sick girl friend escape, their son is found locked in a closet where he was forced to live. Ranger takes the boy under his wings to give him a life while tracking the parents.

With Walker's help, Lucas starts to live life fully. Walker finds out Lucas has AIDS and will soon die. The Rangers find the mother who is also dying from AIDS. The drug dealer is captured.



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