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17 hours ago, yekker said:

The young kids don't realize it's sexual, while the fathers there are creaming their jeans.

it depends on age of course (it still comes sooner than one might think), but young kids don't realize it's sexual yet, and at 25 they might wonder where that peculiar fetish came from...

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Demn, fuck that disgusting spider, I bet it could kill also small puppy or kitten. Scary shit that the creator allows in this reality

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while i was watching this i started yawning and pulled a muscle under my chin. hurt like a bitch.


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14 hours ago, ignatius said:

this is clearly about cumming and shidding nad pissing,. 

this is great! i am immensely overjoyed to find that there is a positive, healthy, accepting, polar opposite to the works of "Bob Larsen Real Exorcist". and to side-track a little bit, i hope more people come to understand these transcendent experiences can be powerfully healing, and that treating them like Catholic demon spirits is a profoundly harmful/abusive thing to do.

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