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Hahaha oh man, he's seldom around and he's Scotch, not Irish but this takes me back to when keltoi got a random voicemail from a number that he didn't know. It was very similar to this vid. "I'm gonna fookin kill ya" lol.

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7 hours ago, logakght said:

Literally uncanny valley. I wonder if this is a deepfake?


In the embed in your original post, the video title reads “Elon Musk: Massive Bitc…”

What first comes to mind isn’t “Bitcoin”. 

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3 hours ago, ignatius said:


just heartbreaking )):: so much homelessness in usa & australia yet all this rust belt infrastructure, empty dwellings left to rot, + all the unoccupied & overpriced holiday rentals, air b&b's etc. 

'the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members' - gandhi 

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