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3 hours ago, prdctvsm said:

^ many physicists are now saying that space/time is an artefact of something else; donald hoffman reckons it's consciousness :



nice, hadn't seen that one. I like this channel and watch it pretty regularly (though Kuhn's "I've always been obsessed with uLtImAtE rEaLiTy" shtick gets old pretty fast..). One interview that caught my attention a while ago was this one with Rudolph Tanzi:


the second half of the clip touches on what Hoffman was saying. I love the deadpan incredulity Tanzi has about the current physical view of reality (~5min): "As I tap a table... for me, believing that there are physical solid 'things', floating around in some big magic house called the universe, and then it ends, and there's infinity and nothingness -- it's like believing in Santa Claus."  ... "It's much, much easier to fathom a universe of consciousness, which is produced as awareness, viz an object in itself; so as awareness becomes aware of itself, which is all it can do, that's all there is, consciousness is created."

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Really enjoying all the stuff Im discovering from the sunsets sound Youtube page.  As Prince nut and Eddie Van Halen fan






Susanna Hoffs. My Dream Woman. and a beautiful song



What a fascinating Guy Rodney is



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