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Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music


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Traditional Synthesizer Music is a collection of songs created and performed live exclusively on the modular synthesizer by Aaron Funk. Each sound contained within was created purely with the modular synthesizer. No overdubbing or editing techniques were utilized in the recordings on Traditional Synthesizer Music. Each song was approached from the ground up and dismantled upon the completion of it's recording. The goal was to develop songs with interchangeable structures and sub structures, yet musically pleasing motifs. Many techniques were incorporated to "humanize" or vary the rhythmic results within these sub structures. An exercise in constructing surprises, patches interrupting each other to create unforeseen progressions. Multiple takes were recorded for each song resulting in vastly different versions of each piece.


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isn't the chatmm cover itself a ripoff of old record covers...?


Of course, just a funny coincidence that the albums are released within weeks of eachother.


oh he's still sequencing from renoise...


kinda cheating imo. i think the datachi release is all sequenced within the modular


The blurb makes it sound like there's nothing other than a modular involved. Cheesy as hell to put it that way if it's sequenced from a DAW.

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sounds pretty nice....lame blurb though...same with the datachi stuff...great music but it doesn't matter how its made...its a point of interest but nothing to brag about...


i only used a really expensive modular to make this music....well done


still...looking forward to this...

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this is really like a lot better than hospitality or whatever excepting frictional nevada maybe


admittedly your face worried me a little bit but this stuff is full of energy and meta as fuck imo

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