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Just picked this up on a whim. Really, really digging it. Had no idea it was Wisp either. Looking forward to more!


The cover art is beautiful. I'm assuming it's upstate NY?

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Hah I’ve just read the previous posts about a repress....

The anal awakens.

4 hours ago, andrd said:

AF Posted that this (002) along with 001 will be getting a repress and should be up for order soon. 

God exists!

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I’m thinking of selling my copy. Absolute mint condition, it is exact same condition as the day I received it. If you want photos then I’ll send them to you. Never been played, just played the flac download. 

My guide for price is on discogs, there is one copy for sale in uk for £65. I’ll sell for £50 including postage (signed for 2nd class delivery, if you want something else like tracking or special delivery then I’ll add that on as extra). It’ll be bubble wrapped and posted in one of those vinyl defender cardboard sleeves. UK buyers only (I don’t know why but seems like less of a headache)

Pm me if you’re interested. 

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Hah I’ve just read the previous posts about a repress....

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selling records is a pain in the arse if you work full time, and the effort in getting to a post office is like dragging yourself up the North Col with dysentery

but if you're on the ball there is money to be made, 26 second hand records for cash mofo

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On 7/3/2019 at 12:55 PM, species8472 said:

assuming these will be available at regular sources in black vinyl...

i'd be very surprised if that wasn't the case

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