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As you may know, the last Bass Agenda radio show of 2015 was a 2 hour special on the work of Touched: Music for Macmillan Cancer Support. This featured an interview with Martin Boulton, the man behind Touched, and highlighted a sample of the artists that have taken part in Touched’ s releases to date; all of which have raised much needed money for Macmillan in the UK.

During the un-broadcast part of the interview Andy Barton who runs Bass Agenda & Bass Agenda Recording’s suggested a collab release between Bass Agenda and Touched; the idea being to expose a different group of artists and listeners to Touched and raise money from a different section of the underground listening public; Electro and Techno listeners who may not have engaged with the ambient and IDM focussed releases Touched has put out to date.

Within a few days of that conversation the release had been named and 90 artists were on board!

Here is what you need to know:

‘Touched Bass’ releases on 22nd April during a special 2 hour broadcast of Bass Agenda on www.futuremusic.fm

1. It will feature over 100 tracks

2. The artists who have agreed to get involved include The Hacker, The Exaltics, Mazzula, Lectromagnetique, Carl Finlow, Radical G, G-Man, Franck Kartell, Roman Zawodny, Body Mechanic, Steve Stoll, Darkmode, Marco Bernardi, TFHats, Scape One, Clatterbox, Mark Broom, Si Begg, Cyan341, Mark Arcer, Posthuman, B12, Rootsix, David Morley, Slaves of Sinus and many many more

3. All proceeds will go Macmillan Cancer Support to help cancer patients and their families

4. It will be amazing


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Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support has teamed up with the Bass Agenda Radio show and label to expose a new group of electronic music listeners to its unique brand of fundraising through music. Available from 27 May via http://touched.bandcamp.com/ andhttp://bassagendarecordings.bandcamp.com/ the release boasts over 100 tracks from legends, current scene favourites and newcomers alike. Artists include: Maelstrom, G-Man (LFO), The Hacker, Radical G, The Exaltics, Steve Stoll, Franck Kartell, w1b0, Carl Finlow, Dez Williams, Lectromagnetique, Marco Bernardi, Mark Archer (Altern8) and many many more.

“Toward the end of 2015 I interviewed Martin Boulton who founded Touched: Music for Macmillan Cancer Support. I was really taken by his story; setting up a label to raise money to thank the nurses that had supported his mum through cancer. He’s done amazing work getting electronic music artists together to make these huge releases making donating money a no-brainer for music lovers. Over the last few years running Bass Agenda and Bass Agenda Recordings I have built up contacts with lots of talented people from a different section of the electronic music listening community to what the other Touched releases may have reached. I mentioned the idea of doing a collab release to Martin and within a couple of weeks we’d named it and got approaching 90 artists on board.” Andy Barton (Bass Agenda)

Macmillan Cancer Support provides a range of vital services to cancer patients and their families. They are 100% funded by charitable donations and receive no financial support from the UK government. They offer everything from advice and help with practical matters like dealing with an employer after diagnosis to nursing support to counselling and information provision.

“I'm so happy that Andy from Bass Agenda interviewed me for his show and came up with the idea for Touched Bass!! It's going to be great for both worlds of techno and electro fans meeting the ambient electronica fans of Touched”
Martin Boulton (Touched: Music for Macmillan Cancer Support)

Promo Sampler Tracklist (This compilation features 18 of the 100+ tracks featuring on the ‘Touched Bass’ release)

01 The Hacker – Vectors
02 Kronos Device – Kill.Switch
03 Amper Clap – Humanoide
04 Confutatis – Erase
05 The Exaltics – Hope
06 John Tejada – OPZ
07 Spin Fidelity – You Can Do It
08 Billie Ray Martin – After All
09 Posthuman – I Am A Killer
10 Jauzas The Shining – Techno City
11 w1bo – Track For My Father
12 Mark Broom – Black Tooth Heuristic
13 Tetuan Tapes – Tetuan Tapes 01
14 Tudor Acid – Unseen Tides
15 RRKS - Ease the Pain (Full Recovery Mix)
16 Radical G - Immune Overdrive
17 Dr Schmidt - Bipolar
18 Rennie Foster - Paroxetine

The full list of participating artists at time of writing is:

Achim.Bloch, AE35, AECK, Alek Stark, AL35510, Amper Clap, Andy Clark, Andy Wheddon & Friends, Anodyne , Asher, B12, Berk, Billie Ray Martin, Binalog, Bintus, Body Mechanic & 207737, Canvax, Carl Finlow, Chordata, Clatterbox, Commuter, Confutatis, Cyan 341, Cygnus, Dark Vektor, Darkmode, Das Muster, Datacrashrobot, Datrus, David Morley, Demia E Clash, Dexterous Numerics, Dez Williams, DiLATiON, Dmitry Distant, Dr Floyd, Dr Schmidt, Dynarec, Elec Pt 1, Electric Riot, Embryonik, Erik Bullon, ERP, FAH, Fleck ESC, Franck Kartell, Frank Murder, G-Man (LFO), G13ck, Groove Slave, Inhuman Designed, ITPDWIP, James Wolfe, Jauzas The Shining, Jay Mass, John Tejada, Jonas Thor, Kero, Kev Willis, Kik Cryounik, Kronos Device, Kurt Baggaley, Lectromagnetique, Lee Coombs, Lektroid, Maelstrom, Marco Bernardi, Mark Archer (Altern 8), Mark Broom, Mazzula, Morphogenetic, Noamm, Normal, Ontal, Opzio, Paul Blackford, Paul Mac, Paul MacKenzie, PL_anet, Plant 43, Popkomm, Posthuman, Radical G, Radioactive Man, Rennie Foster, Roguefrequency, Roman Zawodny, Romplex, Rootsix, RRKS, Russ Gabriel, Scott Robinson, Seldom Seen, Sematic4, Shinra, Si Begg, Skyborg, Gary Gritness, Soundex Phonetic, Spin Fidelity, Steve Stoll, T//error, Tetuan Tapes, TFHats, The Exaltics, The Ghost That Walks, The Hacker, The Subdermic, Thomas Barnett, Trust The Machine, Tudor Acid, Vertical67, Victoria Lukas, w1b0, Warsaw Hoolz, Weakmassive, Will Web


More releases (digital) available from Juno, iTunes etc.
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Will be buying at the weekend, was listening to the live stream last night and some good stuff for sure, plenty of artists I haven't heard before. These compilations are great, money goes to a good cause and people get some good tunes as a bonus, keep up the good work :music:

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Thanks MDF, Touched 3 is coming in 2 months and its going to be the Biggest and best one yet....

I heard a rumour was going to be 300 tracks :w00t:


BTW did you fall asleep during the radio stream last night? there was speculation :)

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yeah it looks like its going to be 300+ but its the best turn out of well know artists to date, its gonna be massive in every way.


yeah i had one to many and passed out but left mixlr playing :)

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Guest sensible

Don't normally talk about my charity work but happy to say I've just spend £15 on this compilation. Excellent work, as ever with this label. Going to take a week to fully listen to it all, still only up to Bauri.

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Been listening to this over the last few days. Still not finished my first listen through but defo another quality release from bothTouched and Bass Agenda. Loads of good tracks, but some that made me sit up and check the artist were those by Commuter, dynArec, John Tejada, Lectromagnetique, Plant 43, Scape One and Sematic4. Definitely going to get mileage out this one!

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Touched Music & Bass Agenda Are Making The MASSIVE Album Touched Bass Half Price £7 For The Rest Of The December.

Happy Xmas From Us.

Please Share & Spread The Word.

Album Link - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched-bass

Edited by Norvum
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