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They've just shat on the Bad Kingdom and Last Time videos from a great height. It looks like one of those *NOT IN GAME FOOTAGE* ads. The song is a bit naff too.




They're really channeling their inner Thom Yorke/Eraser...

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very boring track, typical edm synth lines with crying vocals over it, but I´m not surprised anymore so many great artists going full mainstream.

also that video is what exactly.....

I´m critical because i know their previous output escpecially as Modeselektor and this is just sad.

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I don't see how it's a surprise... it's in the same style as several tracks from the last album (Let In The Light, Damage Done, This Time, Last Time and to a lesser extent Bad Kingdom). No doubt the album will have some more intense and beat-heavy tracks to go with the emotional stuff.


Modeselektor is just that, this is Modeslektor + Apparat, however and Apparat has for a long time been heavy on the emotional vocals.


I liked the song and hope for more of the same on the album.

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loved the first album, been spinning it regularly ever since it came out (can't believe that's six yrs already) -- but haven't given nr. II even a quick listen, always been afraid it would destroy ›my‹ Moderat. Reading your thoughts about II & III, I'm confident that's been a wise decision...

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wow 2 and 3 are so much better than the first, but opinions are like assholes

first lp is great dont get me wrong but deff IMO does not touch 2, and 3 is amazing and it's my fav album of the year so far

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First impression:- too many vocals that don't let the tracks behind breathe.


The great thing about the first album is how simple the song compositions are whilst being really effective dancefloor monsters.


Kinda feel like when II came out, fairly disappointed. But that grew on me over time and its great now. I hope this does the same.

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I think this is their best album out of the 3. They've found a great balance between the vocals and music, and it feels natural (unlike some of II, which I found a little awkward). It's also short and sweet.


Also, that synth bend in Running is fucking crazy.

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...The great thing about the first album is how simple the song compositions are whilst being really effective dancefloor monsters...

For me nothing has come close to the feels that the triple punch of A New Error, Rusty Nails, and Seamonkey on the first album gave me.

Rusty Nails hit the perfect balance of vocals and electronics, and I was half-heartedly hoping for something like that on III. No such luck, will keep listening though, something will shine through eventually.

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