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Folklore Tapes - Occultural Creatures Vol. 1: Black Dog Traditions of England


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- 12” LP featuring acousmatic sound compositions, site-specific field-recordings and original audio of local storytellers spinning out black dog yarns.


- DVD containing a 10-minute film by David Chatton Barker, hand-treated 16mm using haunted materials and distressed in rust, accompanied by a special mix of the project’s audio.


- Full-colour, 80-page book by Ian Humberstone, containing original articles focussed on each tale covered by the project, as well as photography taken on-site during fieldwork.


- Riso printed poster of Dob Park Lodge and Troller’s Gill—two locations featured in the project.


- All contents captured in an embossed, hand-numbered and hand-stamped box. - Edition of 500 with first 100 copies containing an additional cassette version of the project audio



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I'm possibly a few releases away from getting pissed off at coughing up so muich for a flexidisc. Admittedly the accompanying literature is excellent but come on, for the price I'm paying would a vinyl 7" be too much to ask?

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^^ to be honest, this release was less about the music and more about the book. this album is only 35 min long and about 15 min of those are people telling you stories about the black dog


the book on the other hand is 80 pages and includes a dvd. so the music is a very small part of the project

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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to Folklore Tapes - Occultural Creatures Vol. 1: Black Dog Traditions of England

New redux edition available:


12" LP in a hand-stamped and numbered manilla sleeve
- DVD containing 10-minute film
- Full-colour, 80-page book
- Two posters of Dob Park Lodge and Troller’s Gill
- All items housed in a screen-printed tote bag

black dog.jpg


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