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Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

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Anyone who has seen my thread from a few years back knows that making changes to other people's work is anathema to me.

BUT, I couldn't help it with this album. They really appear to've dropped the ball with the tracklist and it ruins the whole flow of the album.

I'm mainly sperging on those first two tracks. Burn The Witch into Daydreaming is just wrong and it doesn't feel like the album really starts until Decks Dark.

Burn The Witch is too high tempo to suddenly jam on the breaks and go into Daydreaming and it means both tracks feel like single tracks tacked onto the beginning.

I'm kinda guessing they maybe had interminable back and forth about what order to put the tracks in and to end the debate one of them clicked on the 'track' column of their media player, arranging them into alphabetical order, in order to end the headache.


So this is how I'm going to listen to it now:




This is all heavily IMO ofc.


Any other track order suggestions are welcome.

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after i saw them live for the moon shaped ass tour, it was striking how boring the new material was. night and day compared to the old stuff, it really stuck out like a sore thumb. its not terrib

Daydreaming always reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmO7TdQfcKs

anyone heard if they’re ever gonna finish this? these demos they put out are okay at times but still waiting on the actual album to pass judgment.     

Guest bitroast

Any other track order suggestions are welcome.




i'm also rocking the alt tracklist game cos.. yeah, i agree. the tracklist just doesn't work to the tracks favour. constantly building / dropping momentum, going from emotion heavy track to tad more emotion neutral back and forth it just makes it really hard to listen to the tracks and instead it becomes a bit more like.. background nice music? but the songs lose the emotional PUNCH. 


sooo.. i've been rocking atm.. but .. 


burn the witch

decks dark

desert island disk


ful stop

glass eyes

day dreaming

present tense

the numbers

tinker tailor

true love waits


also, all entirely 100% imo ofc. and even then, i'm still open to fucking with the tracklist and trying to find something better.

it's probably the only album where the tracklist is just totally holding me back from enjoying the album completely to the point where i > have < to make an alternate tracklist.


i guess, only album since QUARISTICE/versions/ etc ? .. 

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after in rainbows i just got a bit bored idk. i really should get up to date wth thm but i really could not be bothered honestly, every time i think of it i get distracted in something else..



now listening: rings of saturn 

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Guest bitroast

what is the story with these sc songs? is there a way to listen to them?



harry patch - 2009 released for £1 going to charity 

these are my twisted words - 2009 released for free via "leaked" bit torrent. had a txt file suggesting a WALL OF ICE ep was coming ??? never happened, was just a 1 off free song. 

the butcher / supercollider - 2011 2 track single released as outtakes for The King Of Limbs. not released for free. HAD TO PAY FOR THESE TRACKS.


all should be very easily findable and listenable.

it's very silly seeing ~10 second samples popping up on soundcloud for old songs released for free

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Decks Dark is the star of the album. Whole thing is good, it's a nice listen on a sad cloudy day. But decks dark crushes it, esp. the outro when they just lock into the groove and everything is drenched in spring reverb. I want more like this.

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Again, not sure why these older tracks are suddenly available to purchase but I am glad I can retire my old mp3s now.

I think their contract with Parlophone (I think that's who they were under) has ended ....
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Guest bitroast

that is true ^  

they recently acquired rights to their pre-In Rainbows material and XL have been repressing all the pablo honey to hail to the thief albums on vinyl, putting the albums back up on streaming services. 

i'm pretty sure these are my twisted words + harry patch both tracks that they would've had the rights too tho, being after 2003.. 

i'm guessing it's more of a .. they're doing the re-cataloguing of old material and are using the process to may as well the newer material at same time. 

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Guest bitroast

the faint piano in true love waits sounds like generative computer controlled piano


it reminds me of whatever's going on in the live 'from the basement' version of codex 



@ 19:55

i'm guessing it's a similar kind of max msp jonny patch ? (guessing being the key word!) 

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