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Downloads:Solid Steel Radio Show 22/1/2016 Hour 1 - Autechre

Herr Jan

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File Name: Solid Steel Radio Show 22/1/2016 Hour 1 - Autechre

File Submitter: Herr Jan

File Submitted: 22 Jan 2016

File Category: Autechre


Solid Steel in association with Serato (22nd January) In Hour 1 we welcome back legendary Warp artists Autechre to Solid Steel. Their history with the show goes back many years with their first mix back in 1997 and again in 2003, (which can both be heard at SolidSteel.net ), plus their music has been a permanent fixture since they began producing pioneering electronic music in the early 90's. The hour long mix takes in music from Disjecta, Industrial legends and previous guests Cabaret Voltaire & Throbbing Gristle, Raymond Scott, The Residents, John Cage, Mark Fell and The Hafler Trio. They recently launched a new webshop with lots of live recordings available to buy autechre.bleepstores.com/

The Solid Steel website solidsteel.net/ for track lists and archive shows.
You can follow Solid Steel on 
Email [email protected]

Go to Hour 2 here Ninja-tune – Solid-steel-radio-show-2212016-hour-2-shalt

Hour 1 - Autechre

disjecta - pit
throbbing gristle - what a day
cabaret voltaire - makes your mouth go funny
pero - pommes
john carpenter - he’s still alive / romero
the human league - the dignity of labour (part 4)
raymond scott - lightworks (instr)
portion control - he is a barbarian
asmus tietchens - ausverkauf
zeebox - pepi de vince
moebius & tietchens - kattrepel
arthur kreiger - short piece
bernard parmegiani - sonare mouvement 2
moebius & plank - muffler b
severed heads - theme from the surface
paul lansky - say that again
the residents - would we be alive
bbc sound effects library - birdsong
delia derbyshire - great zoos of the world
fred frith - speechless
:zoviet*france: - kess saffer plaint
john cage - williams mix
asmus tietchens - falter-lamento
otto luening & vladimir ussachevsky - incantation
david lynch - hybrid mood
mark fell - abjection
philip jeck - thirtieth/pilot reprise
the hafler trio - a small child dreams of voiding the plague
peter rehberg - showroom dummies track 2

The Broadest Beats


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The Zeebox track was only officially released in 2007, so unless he got the track directly from Brian (from FSOL) many years back I'd say definitely not a repeat of a mix from '96 or '03

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What the fuck is that track at 11:00.


The Future Sound of London roots, as it turns out. Never gave much fuck about FSOL or Humanoid etc (british dance music is the worst honestly), but this shit kinda makes me respect that guy retrospectively


If anyone wants the track at 10:50 (Zeebox - Vol.1 - Pepe de Vince) the album available here: http://www.fsoldigital.com/product/zeebox-1984-1987-vol-1/ / The whole trilogy is pretty wild, recommended for fans of lo-fi clonky industrial tape experiments.

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(british dance music is the worst honestly)




Yeah, only british people and wannabe anglophiles aka british colonialist imperialists are hyped up about that shit. Nobody really questions it, but US & UK imposes its musical culture on the whole planet and i have a suspicion that's it's not only because they happen to have a shitload of global scale geniuses. Ironically, in the classical era these countries were practically non-existent up until recently with a couple of exceptions (Charles Ives etc). Dance/rave culture is just a tiny quasi-independent aspect of it all. Give me Baka pygmies water drumming over jungle any time.

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