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7 hours ago, cwmbrancity said:

Fiction can be fun. It doesn’t have to be “right”, that’s the point. Conjecture as narrative. The books cited are a better source overall.

fiction is great, and looking at reality while using that fictional/'what if' perspective to explore unknown things is undoubtedly a tool scientists have used to great effect. but just inventing things whole cloth and acting like they're real is what trips me up hard. (yknow religion, occultism, magic, whatever)

7 hours ago, cwmbrancity said:

We need a certain quota of zee crazies to counterpoint the ultra-rationalist likes of Dawkins et al.

i sorta agree with this in theory...but at the same time i'd never encourage it in others, nor could i really deal with it personally. but at some point in 'live and let live'-ing the crazies, it's almost abusive, in the lightest sense of that word. encouraging, or at least providing open and safe forums for craziness seems slightly dangerous (again, in the lightest sense of that word) to the persons themselves and perhaps to the society they're in.

7 hours ago, cwmbrancity said:

Even materialism has its limits of comprehension given our current understanding of physics, hence circling back to consciousness itself & the intersections between science & religion. 

Why not study these realms? Anthropology & neuropharmacology do it every day. Even if the pod was poorly presented and a bit wank (which we agree on), the subjects discussed aren’t ie the role of imagination.

no doubt. i'm not of the mind that 'consciousness' has shit to do with shit, despite some interpretations of quantum physics, and also of the school that thinks all religions are 100% bullshit.

studying these things at the edges of our actual knowledge, even in ways that may seem loony, are good and should be done....reasonably. scientifically. 

yeah, the subjects discussed are okay to discuss and consider and explore...but to be fully presenting them as some sort of reality, especially from someone who seems to have some amount of renown and cache to their name like Kripal, is imo a bad thing, that's what i take issue with. but....

all that said i'm not the thought/word/karma police so i wouldn't ever advocate silencing him or anyone stating whatever crazy shit they want to. i'll just complain a bit on some forum 🙂

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Kripal be all like this lady at 1:19:

FF to ~19:00 for a UFO sighting

'it went *pew* and you could tell it was like miles away instantly, then it went into the water'


"aliens under the mesa, been there long before us...we work with them! stay away from the moon! oh and yeah alien embryos growing babies in cows so that's cattle mutilations!"



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"You can actually meet aliens whenever you want to," he explains helpfully. "You just need to ask, and they'll appear. I know, because I've done it once, and it was totally fucking scary. I'm not ready for that yet. I've got other things to do."  -Aphex Twin, Q Magazine, November 2014

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On 7/20/2021 at 8:33 AM, Joyrex said:

One of my personal theories/musings is that UFOs (or UAP) are not 'ships' in the sense of having occupants, but what if the 'ships' themselves ARE the beings/organisms? It would explain why some are observed changing shape or some having non-metallic surfaces.

Another idea i've had is that they are not traditional vehicles that travel in space per se, but are actually intradimensional vehicles, which would explain how they can defy our physics and seemingly appear/disappear at will.

one of my friends and i hypothesized that UFO's could be probes or unmanned spacecrafts - similar to how we sent the juno probe to jupiter or perseverance rover to mars.

when we think of aliens, we suspect they may be carbon based bipedal lifeforms, but what if they are not, and see things beyond our own visual spectrum. so UFOs could be invisible or visible (to us) depending on a number of factors. 


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