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Ghostly International's Beacon will be releasing their sophomore album, Escapements, this Friday (Feb 5th) but you can stream the album prior to its release here: https://thump.vice.com/en_us/track/beacons-sophomore-album-for-ghostly-international-is-a-fragile-floor-filler


Absolutely love what I hear, this is definitely a release day purchase for me.

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    • By thumbass
      Out December 4th on Ghostly International

    • By gated
      Not bad. Not very limited at 1000 copies for the Bleep exclusive, but still. Nice coloured vinyl as per usual with Ghostly.
      The Human Resources track is sick.
    • By gated
      Liking the sound of this if the preview track is anything to go by: https://bleep.com/release/188101-patricia-maxyboy
    • By gated
      I really liked his previous album, Dissolvi. The limited (to 1200 haha!) vinyl on this one looks lovely as well.
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