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don't get me wrong but i think you should use different drum loops on the same track, it's really fucking impressive what you do with those, but i miss other samples here and there having in consideration that the songs are long... well i'm just gonna spit it out, this sounds pretty drukqsy right? and definitely it was what you're aiming for so, yeah, what i said, like druqks, instead of fucking the one loop you made to pieces, do some more, maybe not so harsh/heavy, some light 808's running fast, maybe, maybe not so maybe...

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Concur. Wicked tunes, don't get me wrong. I think they'd be better shorter and with a bit more variety. Only pointing out the negatives because you're obviously really good. These smallish changes could make a big difference between Drukqs sounding tracks and your own thing.


This is totally hypocritical because I need to listen to this advice and my stuff is nowhere near as good as this.

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Thanks for listening guys!

I was going for a squarepusher feel (theme for ernest,psultan) and hangable auto bulb feel for Find Me.So its basically one break for unity and its less crazy and more accessible.


But for NightKerosene was more druqksy,box energy remix,mangle11,jungle inspired.In fact there is 4 breaks going on at the same time but I know what you guys are saying,in fact it sounds like one big break and it doesnt have a lot of variety.

These tracks were pretty much experiment with the jungle sound I could make with addictive drums,im beginning to understand how to make good jungle breaks.

Was going for one break only for unity but now you guys are saying it make the track weaker might try to go for multiple loops,with different feels next jungle track I make.

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