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FOR SALE: Ween - Pure Guava - '93 original pressing


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This one http://www.discogs.com/Ween-Pure-Guava/release/1222608


Will send pics on request. I've only played it once or twice and it sounded fine, no skips or anything weird. This thing was recorded on a shitty 4 track anyway... The jacket is in fairly good shape, not as if just unwrapped but it doesn't show its age either.


I'm not in a hurry and this is my first time selling records online and thus I'm figuring out how to sell via discogs + ebay, so sorry if you send a reasonable offer and I don't reply right away

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Both SeanAE AND Richard love the album, so this is practically a 10/10 must have IDM one of a kind deal, just sayin


Posted 04 November 2013 - 08:14 PM

do you like ween? it's 2 crazy musicians making a bunch of awesome tracks


yeah i fucking love ween

pure guava is in my all time top 10 most days




Richard D. James (Aphex Twin): I love Ween- I really, really like them and everything they do.

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